One of the most exciting things for a homeowner is waiting for the result of a new flooring installation project. Weeks or even months of planning their new flooring can finally come to fruition after meticulously choosing the perfect material for their home. After all, your floors add a lot of character and value to your home in the long run. But before we get to that stage, you must prepare for a flooring installation project. Here’s how.

Flooring Installation

Reorganize Your Home

When it comes to preparing your home for any installation job, you certainly don’t want to cut any corners. In fact, you’ll need to pay extra attention during the preparation process so that your contractor will have an easier time installing your new floors. So, you want to move your furniture, fragile items and appliances away from the construction space. Stow away wiring, computers and sound systems in a safe area. Clear your desks, cabinets, bookshelves and closet floors so that the contents won’t be in the way. Also, it’s a great idea to remove your sheets and blankets from your beds. Lastly, you’d want to clean out your carpets before the installers arrive.

If you’re having hardwood, laminate or vinyl floors installed, notify your remodeling contractors as they have to be delivered two days in advance so that the floor can adjust to the temperatures in the space. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to see the detailed temperature and humidity guidelines recommended for your flooring to ensure its optimal performance.

Installation Proper

Once installation day comes, you can expect these things to occur during the process:

  1. Fixing any subfloor issues before installation
  2. Inspecting your new materials for any damage or manufacturing defects
  3. Cleaning the surface for grout application
  4. Inspecting door jambs for appropriate flooring clearance
  5. Ensuring the installation area is free of impurities like wax, grime and grease
  6. Removing moldings, trim or appliances from the work area

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