The exterior components of a chimney are made to withstand the natural elements while the interior components are built to be exposed to heat. This means there shouldn’t be any moisture buildup present as it can cause damage to the system over time. So, you need to find the root cause of a leaking chimney.

Leaking Chimney

The Telltale Signs

  • White and Powdery Stains
    You’ll probably see this on or around your chimney masonry; they’re the minerals left behind when water passes through your chimney.
  • Unusual Odor
    If your fireplace smells a bit like mildew or even mold, then you can be sure that water has leaked through somehow. It’s likely leaking through the smoke shelf or other hidden spaces.
  • Green and Black Stains
    If you find darker stains in your fireplace with a greenish tint, then it could indicate the water leak has been there long enough for mold and other bacteria to grow.

What Causes a Chimney Leak?

A chimney leak is caused by several factors, so it may be wise to have a professional inspection. This is needed to determine the cause of your chimney leak and proceed with the appropriate repairs. Below are some of the most common causes:

  • Flashing
    These are the strips of metal and waterproofing materials that are layered to seal the joint between the roof and the chimney. Flashing can sometimes lose their watertight seal due to overexposure to the elements or incorrect installation.
  • Chimney Crown
    This is the stone or masonry slab that seals the top of the chimney and surrounds the flue. If they’re not correctly built (such as being completely flat), chimney crowns can cause water to pool on the crown, which results in cracks and holes through which water can leak.
  • Chimney Cap
    This is the metal hood that covers and protects the top of the flue. If it’s damaged or missing, moisture from rain, snow, and even sprinklers can drain directly into the flue and fireplace.

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