When adding a deck, the style of your home should be a primary consideration, or it will feel out of place. When you choose to have a deck custom-built, you have the option to design the space of your dreams. This also means that you get to select the features for your new deck. These personalized additions transform the room into a fully functional environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Good Deck

Consider these critical elements when constructing a new deck to ensure that it complements the site and satisfies your objectives.

  1. Deck Placement

A good deck design blends into the backyard surroundings without being overbearing or noticeable. Is neighbor privacy an issue? Is noise an issue? You can utilize shrubbery, walls or fences to alleviate the problem if you have limited area.

  1. Foot Traffic

If you plan to build a deck near the living room, keep in mind that foot traffic may stain carpets and disturb those watching TV or conversing. Having the deck next to the kitchen makes moving food and dishes easier when eating outside on the deck. Two deck access doors will be the most efficient and effective solution for foot traffic flow.

  1. Destination Deck 

The deck doesn’t have to be attached to your house; it can stand alone. If your backyard is wooded, consider placing the deck near some lovely trees. If your property has a pond or lake, why not build a deck that extends into the water? 

  1. Deck Plans

If you find deck plans you like, use them. Modifying deck blueprints to fit your wants and property is likely cheaper than constructing them from scratch. 

  1. Deck Purpose

If your home is small, and you won’t be entertaining large crowds, a large deck is unnecessary. Your deck should be proportional to your home, property and family size. The elements must be balanced. You shouldn’t build a modest deck on a big property.

  1. Deck Division

Make a list of activities you normally do. Plan the flow of traffic on your deck and in your backyard.

  1. Deck Design

Keep your deck design simple, but add some angles. Link two rectangular or square deck plan spaces with curves or diagonal lines. A water feature or arbor can be used to connect the sections. Connect your garden with attractive plants in planters or flower pots, trellises, benches and steps. If you’re not a gardener, use low-maintenance shrubs and plants. 

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