Insurance repairs can be tricky and stressful, and it is crucial to find a good contractor to complete the work. When it comes time to file your homeowner’s insurance claim, working with a licensed contractor like AllPoint ensures the repairs are done right the first time. Your insurance company may recommend contractors, but you can choose the contractor you’d like to work with and when you are dealing with insurance repairs, having a dependable contractor is vital.

Start with a Written Estimate

Your insurance adjuster knows what kind of coverage you have based on your policy and can guide you accordingly.  AllPoint will provide you with a free estimate and we can work directly with your adjuster to address any questions they may have when reviewing our estimate and we will let you know when the work has been approved.  The insurance adjuster has to agree to the repairs you are doing, before they are completed, or you may not get paid.

It’s important to note your insurance company may require you to have their contractor assess the damage and provide an estimate of the damage and repair costs for your property. We will work with your adjuster to navigate any potential issues with multiple estimates. 

AllPoint Provides Licensing and References

The first thing you should get from any contractor before any work is done is their references, and at AllPoint we will provide them to you and your insurance company. AllPoint is fully licensed and carries liability and workers compensation insurance. We are insured to make sure you are not liable for any accidents and damage that could occur on your property.

Read the Small Print and Get Insurance Company Approval (We help with that too!)

You must be very diligent about reading all documents pertaining to your insurance. When you are hiring a contractor for an insurance claim, you must speak to the insurance adjuster because you do not have the authority to approve repairs related to your claim on your own. The insurance company must approve repairs in order for the claim to be paid. At AllPoint we will discuss the estimates with your adjuster before anything is agreed upon.

Check Costs of Temporary Repairs and Debris Removal

As part of your estimate, we provide cost details for any for temporary repairs. While payments for reasonable temporary repairs are covered as part of the total insurance claim settlement, AllPoint strives to keep these expenses low, as this is deducted from the money you will need for the permanent repairs to be completed.

As always, we will work with your insurance adjuster and get their approval before starting any repairs. If an insurance company is not given the opportunity to review the damage and approve work, they may not pay.  If there is significant damage, debris removal may require additional and we also include these costs in the estimate.

No Advance Payment

The insurance company will often pay us directly or they will issue a check payable to you and AllPoint that will both need to sign off on. In an insurance claim, you will never have to pay a AllPoint for the full project in advance or before the work is finished.

Start a File with Claim Repairs Information, Receipts, and Details

For any home repair project, AllPoint recommends keeping a file for the repair job and all communications and paperwork. This file should include:

  • The fully signed contract
  • Plans and specs of work being done
  • All bills and invoices
  • Any canceled checks
  • Copies of the certificates of insurance
  • All information about subcontractors or material supplies your contractor may use

Keeping track of all the information will help your claim go through as smoothly as possible and make sure you get paid quickly.

At AllPoint, our services include helping you contact your insurance company, securing your home from the initial damage, meeting with the adjusters, and writing a full scope of repairs. We work with your insurance company to ensure all work is performed to the highest standards and quality. We know your home is your castle where lifelong lasting memories are made and cherished. When the unexpected happens, be it a broken dishwasher line, roofing damage from mother nature and everything in between, we are there for you. Our highly trained and experienced professionals have been helping people through those unforeseen times for years. Our workmanship is unsurpassed, with repairs completed as quickly and safely as possible to you back in your home with as little disruption as possible.  You can count on AllPoint.