A newly-installed roof should look beautiful and durable, but there may be times when it looks wavy. Not only does this affect your home’s curb appeal, but it may also affect the structure’s integrity and safety. Top insurance repair expert AllPoint Construction LLC explains why a new roof can look wavy and what solutions can help resolve this common issue.

Why Does My New Roof Look Wavy? 1

Poorly Constructed Roof

A new roof can look wavy when the underlying roofing material layer is poorly constructed. If the structure and composition are not right, the entire membrane could have an uneven shape. In most cases, an unsightly wave-like appearance or rippling forms across it.

Improper Installation

Roofers must properly align the roofing material when installing a roof. However, a roof can look misshapen due to improperly installed shingles or tiles, which creates an uneven and wavy appearance.

Weak Design

The design of the roof can also play a part in its final appearance. Building the structure with the wrong dimensions can result in the roof having an irregular shape.

Low-Quality Materials

Another issue could be the type of materials used. Materials that are too thin or don’t have adequate flexibility may not lay flat against the roof, which can lead to bumps and waviness to form.

Warping Due to Temperature Fluctuations

The surface of a roof may look wavy due to exposure to extreme weather. Over time, drastic temperature fluctuations cause the materials to warp and bend, giving the roof an uneven appearance. Fixing a wavy roof typically involves professional intervention.

Solutions to Fix a Wavy Roof

Fortunately, there are ways to fix a wavy roof. Roofing and siding experts recommend considering the following solutions:

  • Replace the materials. If some areas are too misshapen for repair, it may be necessary to replace certain sections. This time, make sure to use the correct materials to restore the roof.

  • Re-install your roof. If the waviness is due to improper installation, you may have to re-install your roof. A knowledgeable roofing contractor can properly align shingles and underlying layers to prevent warping.

  • Hire a professional roofer. Attempting repairs yourself is never ideal, as they can present safety risks. Instead, hire an experienced local roofer certified in residential building code compliance. They will know how to maintain your roof’s structural integrity while ensuring it looks aesthetically pleasing.

A new roof shouldn’t have any undulations or ripples. If yours appears wavy, you can rely on our team at AllPoint Construction LLC in Allen Park, MI, for advice and assistance. Our commitment to high-quality standards means we always adjust our services to the individual needs of each customer.

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