Roof inspections help you determine the current state of your roofing system. Best done at least twice a year, these routine checks are essential in preventing issues that would require costly repairs. But what exactly goes on during a roof inspection?

Roof Inspections


Internal Inspection


To begin the inspection, roofers check the interior for any signs of damage or potential issues. They examine areas prone to excessive moisture and look for signs of leaks or rot in the attic, ceiling, rafters and trusses. When combined with dust, moisture can form stains and streaks that could eventually promote microbial activities and cause support structures, such as those made with wood, to rot.


Roofing contractors also check other issues, such as:


  • Decaying wooden surfaces – These wooden materials rot due to excessive moisture caused by poor ventilation or rainwater seepage. Rotting wooden surfaces need immediate replacement, so make sure to act quickly.


  • Drafts and light rays – Cracks, gaps and penetrations in your roof allow external factors like wind, rain and sunlight to enter your attic space.


  • Mold growth – The invasive growth of mold usually indicates moisture-related issues that need to be addressed immediately.


External Inspection


The external inspection requires the roofers to get on a ladder and inspect the outer part of your roof. While up there on your roof, they keep an eye out for issues like:


  • Loose or blown-off materials  Loose shingles or blown-off roofing materials are common, especially after a strong storm.


  • Signs of wear and tear  Roofing materials deteriorate over time. Some issues to look out for are bald patches and significant granule loss.


  • Improper drainage  Water may pool on the surface of your roof if you have clogged gutters or roof drains. Ponding can lead to water damage and weaken the roofing materials underneath.


After a comprehensive inspection of your roof, your contractor will then inform you of how to fix the existing issues in your roofing system.


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