Roofs are not cheap to build or replace. That’s why you need to carefully plan your budget before proceeding with your project. This means accounting for all the known expenses and the unexpected ones that can increase your total project cost. Prepare yourself for these surprise scenarios by allotting 10% to 20% of your budget to unexpected costs. 

Unexpected Factors That Can Increase Your Roofing Costs 1

Here are a few things that can blow your budget.


The Condition of Your Roof


The costs involved in your roof replacement can go up depending on the condition of your roof. Older roofs tend to have more underlying issues that need to be properly addressed before the new one can be installed. Some hidden issues that your roofer might discover during the removal of the old shingles are leaks, concealed moisture damage and rotting wood components. When there are problems that are spotted during the installation itself, the labor involved in properly tearing off and inspecting for any other possible damage can increase your overall costs.


Roofing Materials


Similar to how you would consider the materials to be used in a remodeling project, your roofing materials need to be carefully considered, too. You have to think about what kind of roofing materials you want and how they’re going to affect your budget. If you have a modest budget, then getting asphalt shingles or metal roofing would be ideal. But if you want to get the highest quality materials and budget isn’t really an issue for you, then you can go with premium or designer shingles, slate tiles or other more durable roofing materials. Keep in mind that heavier roofing materials cost more and are more difficult to install since roofers need to build a stronger support structure to hold them up.


Labor Costs


The contractor you’ll hire also plays a part in the overall budget. Different contractors have different levels of experience and skills so they have varying rates. They also offer different service packages. Some contractors may charge for the disposal of the old roofing materials or the processing of your building permit.


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