Renovations often become a delightful transformation that improves the beauty, comfort and functionality of your home. However, there are also times when things do not quite work out as you have planned. To help you steer clear of a few all-too-common remodeling pitfalls, consider these top tips from professionals:

Home Remodeling

Prepare Ahead of Time

Homeowners usually take one to three years to begin their home renovations. This means there is a tendency to get a bit impatient by the time they find a remodeler they want to work with and want to get started as soon as possible. Complications arise when deliveries of building materials and schedules of workers do not align, creating unwanted delays and cost increases. For a remodel to go smoothly, it is important to prepare ahead of time and plan closely with a professional.

Avoid the DIY Route

Going down the DIY routine is a simple and affordable way to get results exactly as you wanted it, but it only works well with smaller home improvement tasks, such as painting bedroom cabinets or applying a new backsplash. When it comes to more complicated projects – such as opening up the kitchen area or installing a walk-in shower – it is best to hire a professional designer and remodeler to handle everything from start to finish. 

Plan for Storage and Function

Before drawing up your design plan, make sure you give thought to storage and utility. A double vanity in the master bath, for example, is a luxurious fixture that many homeowners look for, but other people may find the layout awkward and not as useful as it is advertised. Other storage additions, such as walk-in pantries and double ovens, however, often offer a high return on investment. At the end of the day, it is your personal taste and lifestyle that should dictate the renovations you want to tackle.

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