The kitchen is usually the busiest part of the house, and it’s a space enjoyed by everyone in the family. It also requires the most cleaning since it gets a lot of use. When giving the heart of your home a makeover, you want to make design decisions that will make the room easier to maintain.    

Tips on Designing a Low-Maintenance Kitchen 1

Here are tips on designing a low-maintenance space. 

Have Space for Trash

One of the most common things homeowners forget when designing their kitchen is the trash can. The last thing you want is to end up with an unsightly and awkwardly placed bin. Be sure you have space for a trash bin, like under the side of the sink. 

Low-Maintenance Backsplash

Choosing materials could be a challenging stage of a kitchen remodeling project. While tile is a preferred backsplash option, you have to scrub grout frequently so they look clean. Luckily, you have other materials to choose from, like stainless steel and wood. If you prefer tile, consider larger ones to minimize grout. 

Carefully Choose Countertops

Nonporous countertop materials are ideal for low-maintenance kitchens, including steel, quartz and sintered stone. Solid surfaces don’t have crevices where debris could accumulate, making them a hygienic option. 

Go With Oil-Based Paint

Your kitchen walls are more prone to splatters and spills than in other areas of the house. Color isn’t the only factor you should consider when choosing paint. An oil-based product is ideal for kitchens because you can easily wipe them without damaging the material. 

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