You want a roofing system that can best protect your home or business. When replacing your roof, invest in products backed with comprehensive warranties. Doing so will give you peace of mind that your investment stays protected against manufacturing defects and poor installation. 

Things You Should Know About Your Roofing Warranty 1

Continue reading to learn more about roofing warranties. 

The Purpose of a Roofing Warranty

Warranties are a guarantee from your roof’s manufacturer and home improvement contractor. You can use them if something goes wrong after your project. Depending on the coverage, they cover repairs or replacements for defective materials and installation issues. 

Savings on Repairs and Replacement Costs

You’ll get more savings in the long run with comprehensive warranty coverage. It will save you from out-of-pocket expenses associated with repairs and replacements.

Coverage for Labor Associated with Repair or Replacement

Often warranties include the labor necessary for repairs and replacement. It could cover the cost of removing and replacing defective materials. You can eliminate additional costs from these jobs with a good warranty. 

Guarantees the Quality of Materials

Warranties say a lot about the quality of roofing products. A manufacturer confident about its products’ durability, appeal, and strength are more likely to offer more comprehensive coverage. It’s also the same with home improvement contractors. If they know they can do the job efficiently, they won’t hesitate to include good warranties for their services. 

Peace of Mind for Unexpected Damage

It could be stressful for anyone to deal with unexpected roof damage. A compromised roof can allow water indoors, which could lead to more issues like mold growth, rot and poor indoor air quality. A comprehensive warranty will help alleviate some of the stress associated with owning and maintaining a house or business. 

Types of Warranties

Workmanship Warranty

Labor or workmanship warranties protect property owners against installation mistakes. It protects your roof from errors installers might make while securing materials. You can expect a reputable contractor to offer lengthier and broader warranty coverage. 

Materials Warranty

It pays to invest in the best quality products within your budget when getting a new roof. Doing so will ensure your home or building stays protected against the elements and weather extremes. The products you purchase should have comprehensive material warranties for protection against manufacturing defects. 

What to Look for in a Roofing Warranty


Duration is a vital factor to consider when looking into warranties. The longer the coverage, the more protection you’ll have if you discover issues after installation. 


Some warranties are transferable, meaning the next owner of your property will also have access to them. Transferability can help you attract more potential buyers when it’s time to sell. 


Before hiring a contractor or purchasing roofing products, read the warranty documents carefully. Determine what the inclusions and exclusions are. It will help you ensure you are getting the protection your roof needs. 


Find the exclusion section in your warranty that mentions circumstances where the coverage does not apply. Usually, roofing warranties don’t cover damage resulting from DIY repairs and poor maintenance. Make sure you understand these limitations before signing anything. 

Claims Process

In case an issue arises, how do you file a claim? Your warranty document should include information on what you need to do to have your claim approved. Knowing these steps in advance is one way to ensure you can quickly resolve potential problems. 

Tips for Assessing Roofing Warranties

Do Your Research

Researching is a must, no matter the home remodeling project you’re planning. The more you know about warranties and your project, the more informed decisions you can make. Be sure you know understand the purpose of each type of warranty. 

Ask Questions

Never hesitate to ask your contractor questions if something about your project is unclear. It will help you avoid miscommunication and ensure you and your roof are on the same page. When it comes to your warranty, asking questions will give you a better understanding of its inclusions and exclusions. 

Read the Fine Print

Always read the fine print before signing any document. Are there conditions you need to meet to keep your warranty valid? For instance, manufacturers often require property owners to maintain their roofs regularly to maintain coverage validity. Failure to do so can result in a rejected warranty claim. 

What Can Void Your Roofing Warranty?

Hiring an Uncertified Contractor

Many manufacturers require you to hire certified contractors to install their products. If you work with some unauthorized, your warranty could become invalid. It’s the same if you attempt to do the job yourself.  

Shingle Overlay

When it’s time to get a new roof, you can choose between a complete tear-off and overlay. The earlier option usually delivers better, longer-lasting and more attractive results. It’s where your roofer removes old materials before installing new ones. In an overlay or tear-off, new shingles are installed over old ones. It can cause your roof to look uneven, and the added weight of the new layer of shingles can compromise your home’s structural integrity. Another downside is that it can void your roofing warranty. 

Inadequate Ventilation

Sufficient attic ventilation is essential to a long-lasting roofing system. Excessive heat and humidity can speed up the deterioration of shingles. It also increases the likelihood of mold growth, poor indoor comfort and rot. If your roofer or manufacturer discovers your roof lacks ventilation, you could lose your warranty coverage. 

Poor Maintenance

One more common reason warranties become invalid is poor maintenance. Regularly care for your roof to save yourself from this issue. Besides keeping your coverage valid, it will also prolong the life of your new roof. 

Roof replacement is a home exterior remodeling project that can involve significant investments. Make the most of your new roof by choosing a dependable contractor for its installation. At Allpoint Construction, we work with industry leaders to provide superior products backed with comprehensive warranties. Aside from roofing, we also install siding, gutters, windows and doors. Call us at (734) 407-7110 or fill out our online form to get a free estimate.