Homeowners are usually meticulous with style and aesthetics when selecting windows. There’s nothing wrong with this, but make sure you don’t forget other practical considerations, too. Ventilation, for instance, is one of the most useful benefits of windows as it improves the airflow, cooling and air quality in your home. 

The Best Window Types for Increased Home Ventilation 1

If your goal is to increase ventilation in your indoor spaces, these window styles will best serve this purpose.

Bay and Bow

Bay and bow windows consist of a large fixed window in the middle and two smaller, operable windows on the sides. Since two windows can be opened, air could flow into the room from two directions. The only downside of this type of window is the possible modification to your siding and the additional structural support it needs.


Casement windows maximize ventilation by hinging outward when opened. Some versions have a crank or motor to swing the window open. Either way, casements can give you control over ventilation. You can slightly open it to minimize the breeze entering your space, or completely open it to catch as much air as you need and let indoor air escape to get rid of smells and dehumidify the room. Most casement windows are used in bathrooms and kitchens, but they work in living and dining rooms too.


Awning windows hinge and open outward, but the hinges are placed on top instead of on the left or right. They are also usually smaller in size, which can limit the air entering your home. The advantage of this design, however, is that you can leave the window open even if it’s raining. Because of this, awning windows are ideal for ventilating bathrooms and dining rooms.


Double-hung windows promote excellent air circulation because their upper and lower sashes can simultaneously open. Doing this increases airflow since warm indoor air can be pushed out toward the upper opening while cool outdoor air enters through the lower opening.

Horizontal Sliders

These windows slide open in a left/right direction. Most horizontal sliding windows have one fixed sash, but you can select double sliding windows for added ventilation. 

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