If you’re living with pets, you’ll have to consider a few additional factors when choosing materials for your home, especially your flooring. Different kinds of pets have varying needs and habits. Some can be heavy on floors while others have sharp nails that can leave scratches and dents on tiles. Moreover, furry pets tend to leave dander and fur on the flooring.

Types of Flooring


Here are some of the best flooring options for households with pets.


What to Consider


When selecting a flooring material for your home, keep in mind that it must be:


  • Scratch-resistant – This is especially important if you have cats and dogs. These animals have nails and claws that would always come in contact with your floor. Their nails are usually tougher and sharper, so they can create scratches and marks on your flooring. That said, you should consider hard flooring as it can easily hide scratches. It can also be topped off with a strong, protective coating.


  • Waterproof or water-resistant – Pets can urinate and defecate anywhere in your home, especially if they’re not yet trained. Apart from that, they can also bring water, mud and dirt into your home, leaving marks and stains that could ruin your flooring. In this case, home improvement experts recommend flooring materials that are either waterproof or water-resistant.


Recommended Flooring Materials 


When it comes to the actual flooring materials, there are several floor types available to you. These are some of the most popular choices:


  • Tile and stone flooring – These are known to be water-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean. They are also naturally hard, so they handle pet scratches and markings well.


  • Cork flooring – This is an excellent choice for many homeowners due to its appeal and pet-friendliness. It’s resistant to microbes, so it’s perfect for households with pets that haven’t been trained to urinate or defecate in designated areas. Cork flooring also produces less sound when pets run around and play.


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