As with most areas of your home, the bathroom must be well-illuminated to help you get ready in the mornings and achieve a relaxing mood in the evenings. AllPoint Construction LLC, a leading siding installation and bathroom renovation expert, shares three stylish lighting options to consider for your bathroom.

Stylish Bathroom Lighting Essentials to Consider 1

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is the perfect option for modern bathroom lighting and ambiance. This type of lighting comes with adjustable features that illuminate various parts of your bathroom. Renovators can install them on your ceiling and hewn into the joists to shed stylish light throughout your bathroom.

Vanity Lighting

This type of bathroom lighting provides adequate illumination around the vanity area. Renovators typically recommend having two or three multi-light sconces or pendants hung above it for optimal lighting. Consider adding tiny strip lighting to illuminate areas on the lower half of your vanity.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces illuminate rooms well without going overboard. They also come in many shapes, colors and styles suitable for any bathroom. Wall sconces can also be spread throughout other parts of the bathroom for added light points in areas like overtop mirrors. Outside bathrooms, some homes may use it as nightlights – consider adding them if your home is scheduled for insurance repairs.

Natural Light

Nothing beats sunlight when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Consider adding skylights for excellent lighting during daytime hours. Regular windows of any style should also work, but be sure it has frosted glass if privacy is a concern.

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