You may have seen a lot of commercials on TV lately for unbelievable deals on a new roof, but are they legitimate? If they use high-pressure sales techniques and promise the moon for an unrealistically low price, probably not. If you’re searching for a residential roofing contractor in Dearborn MI, you need to do some hard research before you sign any contract. It’s smart to be skeptical of late night ads and deals from companies that aren’t rated by the Better Business Bureau. If you want a worry-free new roof installation experience you can count on Allpoint Construction. For more than 22 years, we’ve been making customers happy through expert roof replacements, roof repairs and roof maintenance. We know how to make your house a home using only the best roofing materials, talent and expertise.

The quest for the perfect home builder

 You can’t just choose the first contractor that you hear about on TV on in a newspaper ad – you really have to check out credentials and see what they’re all about. Jot down a few questions and give them a call, or look them up online. A few things to find out:

  • Look for references and referrals
  • You need a no-leak guarantee and warrantee on labor and roofing materials
  • Do they use GAF and CertainTeed shingles?
  • What kind of financing plans do they offer?
  • What type of licenses, insurances and certifications do they have?
  • Do they service all kinds of roofs including tile, metal, and flat?
  • How long have they been in business?

A reliable company will answer your questions and give you sound advice on the next steps you should take. Maybe you’ve been planning on a home remodeling project starting with new flooring, tile, a room addition such as bedroom or bathroom, windows or doors. If so, it’s only logical that you think about the condition of your roof. Your roof does more than just cover your house – it can impact the amount of your gas or electric bills if it’s not working at full capacity. Some homeowners have reporting savings in the hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year just by replacing their worn out roof. But what are some of the signs to watch out for in a bad roof?

Signs your roof may need fixing

If all you have is one lone shingle that has fallen off your roof, it’s not that big of a deal. But usually when you notice one loose or missing shingle there are more to follow. Shingles can be replaced in some cases, but in others it’s just a sign of a bigger problem. You may need a new protective roof coating, new roof replacement, roofing repairs, re-roof, roof maintenance or tear-off. Our knowledgeable roofing professionals at Allpoint Construction will conduct a complete roof inspection at your home, so you can find out what imperfections your roof contains. It might be something minor, but if not, it’s critical you get the situation diagnosed by a leading residential contractor.

Preventive roof inspections are a wise move

 Most of us see a dentist once or twice a year in order to prevent things like cavities, fillings and other repairs. Roofs can be like that too – by having a professional roofing company visit your home annually, they can check for roof holes, roof leaks and other kinds of roof damage. We offer free inspections as well as no-commitment estimates, consultations and quotations. We can also inspect your gutter and siding too, while we are there. That way all your bases will be covered. Preventive property maintenance can help you find a problem before it becomes too overwhelming and costly.

Consult with a top-ranked residential roofing contractor

 If you’re looking for a particular color or brand, we’re sure we have what you want. Need to match your new beige siding? We’ve got it. Wondering about a green or recyclable roof? Our savvy design and operations team can assist you with all your home remodeling planning needs. If you’re in an emergency situation, perhaps from a bad storm, fire or tornado, we offer end-to-end emergency roofing services, even on weeknights, weekends and holidays. We’re extremely responsive even during our busy time. You’re not a number at our organization, we are family-owned and hands-on, so we get to know what you want and what we can do to make your roofing experience the best you’ve ever had. Our customers have rated us #1 for the past five years in a row, edging out the competition in the area. If you take a look at our social media pages, such as Facebook, you’ll see how loyal our customers are and the kind of projects we’ve been working on within the past year. We’re filled with pride knowing the kinds of positive comments we continually receive from residential customers.

Your new roof should last a long time

 If you hired an unlicensed roofer in the past or tried to do the job yourself, you may be facing the aftermath of that now. If you do business with a contractor that’s not certified, they won’t know the right processes to abide by in Dearborn Michigan, they won’t be familiar with city inspectors, and they could risk injury or some other hazard, leaving you open to a lawsuit, city code violations or fines. At Allpoint Construction, we guarantee your roof replacement or new roof installation will be done professionally, with friendly service and top quality materials. We have a reputation for being fast, prompt and exceptionally talented at assessing, repairing and replacing residential roofs.  You won’t have to worry about your roof developing curled shingles, leaks, or moisture around your attic because we are always thorough and meticulous. We’ll work with your budget to ensure you’ll get the roof that’s right for your home.

Taking the first step

 It’s easy to get things in motion, all you have to do is call one of our roof installation  team members at 734-407-7110 to schedule your initial roofing evaluation. Our roofing technicians will inspect both the interior and exterior or your property, checking your roof for wind damage, storm damage, curling shingles, missing shingles, and improper ventilation and sealing. We will also conduct a complete roof energy survey to determine the amount of air that is escaping, whether hot or cold. If any shingles are buckled, cracked or torn, we will document everything on a detailed printout and sit down with you to discuss your roof replacement or repair options. During the winter, we also provide roof ice dam removal and roof shoveling services, to help keep your property clear of debris and moisture buildup. We are your complete one-stop roofing shop, located right around the corner in Allen Park. Allpoint Construction can help you process your homeowner’s insurance claim, too, if you have any paperwork or documentation to turn in due to a home emergency. We’re all about making this process easy, so all you have to do is decide on the roof color and style and we’ll do the heavy lifting. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our expert roofing services, or your money back. Take a look at our company website at to find out about our spring shingles promotion to save money in Dearborn Michigan.