Your roof system takes the brunt of damage from inclement weather. Most of the time, the telltale signs of damage are obvious – the missing shingles and a great hole in your roof aren’t exactly hard to miss. But there are instances where the signs are also a bit more subtle, and you won’t know there’s roof damage until it’s already too late. That’s why keeping tabs on your roof’s condition is always important. You’ll have to be especially wary, in fact, when the system appears intact following a recent storm. 

Roof Storm Damage and Its Easy-to-Miss Signs 1

As a trusted roof and remodeling specialist in the area, we share some of the easy-to-miss signs of roof storm damage.

Wind Damage

High winds can be brutal on your roof system. For starters, they can blow under your asphalt shingles and lift them up, making them lose adhesion to the roof deck in the process. Because the shingles are no longer firmly attached to the roof, the next gust of wind can easily blow them off. Following a windstorm, you’ll usually find a few shingles on the ground, and some sections of the roof looking a bit “bare”. 

When left unattended, this can leave the system vulnerable to water infiltration, which should prompt a quick call to a trusted roof company for the necessary fix. Keep in mind, however, that shingle blow-offs don’t usually happen instantly. The shingles have to be already old – or have already been loosened by another windstorm in the past – to make them susceptible to blow-offs. 

The signs of wind damage can be easy to miss, but only if you don’t know what you’re looking for on your roof. Make sure to check for creases, folds and tears in your asphalt shingles. If the shingles look bent or flipped, that’s another indication of wind damage. And while the shingles generally lie flat and seamless with the roof surface, they may have suffered wind damage if they appear raised or uneven.

What to Do
Following a windstorm, schedule a comprehensive roof inspection with a trusted contractor like AllPoint Construction. We’ll have our skilled and experienced team visit your property and check your home for any signs of roof wind damage. They’ll find them no matter how subtle the signs and then perform the necessary solution to prevent further damage to your roof system.

Impact Damage

It’s not just wind roof damage you have to worry about on your roofing system. Make sure to watch out for impact damage as well. Large hailstones and wind-blown debris are the usual culprits. They can leave the layered substrate of your asphalt shingles exposed to the elements and, as a result, compromise the weather resistance of your roof system. To determine whether your roof has sustained impact damage, make sure to look for cracks, dents, blisters and other openings in your roof system. 

Not only that, but check for excess shingle granule loss, too. When hailstones and wind-blown debris crash against your roof, they can knock the mineral granules off your shingles. Without this protective layer, the roof material becomes more prone to water intrusion. You’ll also find that the signs of roof impact damage are more obvious on metal surfaces. If you can’t see any dents or blisters on your roof, take a closer look at the gutters and flashing instead.

What to Do
Again, a prompt assessment from a trusted roofing professional can make a huge difference to your roof’s longevity and performance. For many homeowners in the Downriver areas, the only name to call is AllPoint Construction. We have what it takes to restore your roof to rights and extend its service life.

Water Damage

Water damage caused by a passing rainstorm can be easy to miss, but only because the telltale signs tend to appear much later in your roof’s lifespan. Compared to other types of storm damage, the indications of water damage to your roof are seen from inside your home. You’ll want to check for the following: 

  • Water stains along interior walls and ceilings

  • Mold and mildew, which you’ll recognize by the discoloration on ceilings and walls, and by the stale and musty odor they emit

  • Cracking, peeling and flaking paint, indicating trapped moisture behind the walls

  • The beginning of rot in the deck and trusses of your attic

  • Multiple leaks that cover several areas inside your home whenever it rains

What to Do
Roof leaks are a common issue that all homeowners face. At the very least, they’re considered a minor annoyance, but if left unchecked, they can be an indication of premature roof replacement. Try to never underestimate a roof leak no matter how small it is. Once you’ve noticed the signs mentioned above, call a premier roofing company like AllPoint Construction immediately for high-quality roof leak repair.

Why Choose AllPoint Construction?

Dealing with roof storm damage can be daunting, but only if you go it alone. There’s no harm in taking a hands-free approach and leaving the work to a roofing professional who has your best interests in mind. That will be AllPoint Construction. Since 2014, Downriver homeowners have called on us to handle their roof repair and restoration needs, and we have never let them down. Choosing us for your project means working with a company that’s:

  • Fully qualified: AllPoint Construction has the necessary licensing, bonds and insurance, including workers’ compensation and liability coverage, for your greater protection. As a family-owned and locally operated company, we ensure that you get only the highest quality solutions to all your roofing needs. Our status as a GAF Certified Master Elite® roofing contractor means you’ll have access to some of the toughest and most efficient shingle roofing systems available today. Aside from their superior weather protection and unrivaled versatility, you’ll also benefit from the extensive warranty coverage included with them. 

  • Highly reviewed: Complete client satisfaction has always been one of our top priorities. At AllPoint Construction, we adhere to exemplary ethical policies and keep customers apprised of the costs and options involved with all service requests. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re always ready and available to address them. This is one of the reasons we maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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When it comes to residential roofing and kitchen remodeling services in Downriver, AllPoint Construction remains the number one choice. No matter the roofing need, whether it’s storm damage repair or complete roof replacement, you can always count on us to deliver a positive and rewarding experience. Give us a call today at (734) 407-7110, or fill out this contact form to request a roofing quote. We proudly serve Allen Park and Canton, MI, plus other areas in Wayne County.