Investing in siding replacement is a great way to revamp your home’s look and give it long-lasting protection from the elements. Make the process seamless by preparing your home before your contractor arrives on the scheduled date. Renowned local roofing and siding expert AllPoint Construction LLC shares the ways you can do so.

Tips to Get Your Home Ready Before Siding Installers Arrive 1

Exterior Preparations

The outside of your home will be the installation team’s work zone, so make sure to plan accordingly for a smooth, hassle-free siding replacement. Trim all shrubs and plants that meet the walls of your house to allow room for the installers to move around unhindered. Remove any loose brackets or boards on the walls so that all surfaces are smooth and even. Wash down any dirt or mildew from all applicable surfaces as well. Waste disposal also matters. If your siding installer isn’t bringing a dumpster for disposal, be sure to book one before they arrive.

Interior Preparations

Preparing your home interiors for the siding installation project is just as important. Remove window treatments, such as curtains or blinds, near walls. Exterior home improvement contractors also recommend removing items on open shelves and any other items hanging on the walls before the siding replacement. In doing so, you prevent them from falling accidentally due to vibrations created by the removal of the old siding and the installation of the new siding panels.

Other Preparations

With everything else out of the way, take note of your siding material storage areas and the pathway workers will take to retrieve and install them. For instance, pave a clear path between your shed and house by removing other obstructions to help workers quickly bring the materials and complete the project on time.

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