Ice dams can form for a variety of reasons. No matter what caused the problem, you must have these ice removed because it is harmful to your roof and gutters. However, this task can be dangerous so it’s best to leave it to trained professionals.

Pros and Cons: Different Ice Dam Removal Methods

Learn the pros and cons of different ice dam removal methods.

Snow Raking

If you don’t deal with ice dams, they will continue to multiply, and ice will accumulate on your roof. You don’t necessarily need to climb up the roof to remove snow. A snow rake can extend up to 17 feet high in length. When using this tool, you must pull the snow and not move the rake from side to side because it can result in loose shingles. If you are getting rid of snow with a rake, make sure to be consistent at doing it, or ice dams will form again on your roof.

Chemical De-Icer

Your roofing contractor may use a chemical de-icer to remove ice dams on your roof. These either come in a tablet or crystal form. Someone who is using chemical de-icers must read the instructions carefully. The con of using them is that they have salt, which can cause rusting in your drains, grates, drains and underground utility lines.

Heated Cables

Heated cables are among the most popular ways to remove and prevent ice dams. Experts place them in a zigzag pattern on the roof before the colder months arrive. These cables melt snow even before it freezes and creates ice dams. Hire an experienced installer to ensure your heated cables are placed correctly and work efficiently during winter.

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