Masonry Design & Services

Fireplace002 (5)The craftsmanship of masonry speaks to old world wisdom, strength and beauty. Masonry is an art form that has been practiced and perfected through thousands of years. Today, masonry has many applications and enhances the look of rooms, both interior and exterior.

We provide a full-line of masonry design and services for driveways, walkways, porches, chimneys, walls and fireplaces. Common materials used in masonry construction includes brick, slate, glass block, wall stone, concrete block, limestone and many others.

Concrete block has gone through many innovations, and stones now come in a wide array of colors ranging from the bright and unconventional to the vintage and natural. Concrete comes in a wide array of textures, and it can be polished or unpolished, have the look of travertine or even be decorative with blends of recycled glass.

Masonry is termite and fire resistant, insulates, safeguards against wind and weather, aside from being timeless and elegant.

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Porch, Deck & Patio Design

before-after-porch3A well-designed front porch announces the front door by serving as a vital transition between the outdoors and the cherished interior of the home. The front porch, deck and patio are also important because they serve as an extension of the home, an increased living area to be enjoyed in nature for a minimal cost.

A backyard can be transformed into a spa-like retreat, an entertaining area, an extended family room or all of the above with creative design and planning. Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular and improve a property’s appeal to prospect buyers. An outdoor living area can easily have an extended season by adding a firepit, a portable fireplace or patio heater, which makes it comfortable long after the last leaf falls.

Whether you’re looking to better-define the front of your home or upgrade your backyard, we have the creative solutions for you. Give us a call today.