The kitchen is considered the hub of activity in your home. That’s why it’s important to make sure the flow of movement in your kitchen isn’t disrupted. 

Kitchen Triangles

If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project, there are two design principles you need to know: the kitchen work triangle and the kitchen work zones. 

Kitchen Triangle 

This kitchen triangle theory dates back to the 1940s when kitchens were solely used as a space for prepping meals. As the name suggests, the theory says the main work areas in the kitchen – the refrigerator, range and sink – should form a triangle with legs that are 4 to 9 feet long and a perimeter not lower than 13 feet or higher than 26 feet. The kitchen triangle should ideally dictate the flow of movement within the kitchen to reduce unnecessary steps and optimize workflow efficiency. 

The kitchen triangle has been the gold standard for kitchen organization for many years, and many designers still think it is a good design principle. However, the kitchen has since evolved from an area solely for cooking to a multifunctional space that can also be used as a casual dining area. This is reflected in the fact that modern kitchens are no longer closed off from other sections and are instead open and accessible to other parts of a house. 

Work Zones 

If you have an open-floor kitchen, you might want to consider dividing it into work zones. This layout divides the kitchen into zones devoted to a particular task. Kitchens are usually divided into four areas: the prep area (which usually has a long counter for preparing meals), the cooking area (which contains the stove), the cleaning (which contains the sink and drying rack) and the storage area (which is used for storing utensils and ingredients). 

Not sure which design is the right one for your kitchen? To learn more about their pros and cons, consult a home improvement contractor. 

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