Today’s homeowners have much to love about contemporary kitchen design, thanks to the combination of focus on functionality, versatility and a minimalist look. If you are considering getting a contemporary look for your kitchen, read on as local remodeling company AllPoint Construction shares a look at the key design elements of a contemporary kitchen.

Key Features of Contemporary Kitchen Design 1

Clean Lines and Visual Minimalism

Contemporary kitchens are a symphony of clean lines and minimalist design. In contrast to traditional ornate layouts, modern spaces espouse a streamlined look. Cabinetry with concealed handles or push-to-open mechanisms contribute to a sense of sophistication and neatness. Overall, a contemporary kitchen emphasizes precision and simplicity.

Today’s Technology

Keeping in mind that contemporary design evokes a sense of the present, the technology in the kitchen should reflect this. Smart appliances should be present in the kitchen. This means you should be able to control heat and humidity, take stock of your refrigerator and pantry, and keep an eye on your cooktop and oven with at-a-glance controls. Your kitchen doesn’t have to have cutting-edge technology, but it shouldn’t be dated either.

Mixed Materials and Textures

Innovative material combinations give contemporary kitchens their individualistic edge. Imagine the ruggedness of concrete countertops alongside polished stainless steel, or the organic warmth of wood meeting the coolness of granite or marble. Each material contributes to a unique texture, making each kitchen a personalized masterpiece and a testament to modern home improvement trends.

Statement Colors and Bold Contrasts

Moving away from traditional all-white or pastel palettes, contemporary kitchen design embraces use of bold colors — dark hues and pops of vibrant color sit well with muted base colors. Often, colors are planned to blend with natural surfaces like bare concrete and brushed stainless steel. Brightly-colored seating or indoor greenery can be added to break the monotony.

Open Floor Plan

Contemporary kitchens are typically part of a greater open floor plan, which means the other areas must be taken into consideration when designing one. This makes contemporary kitchen design an even greater challenge than standard kitchens — the goal is, after all, to give the kitchen a visual identity without making it stand out like a sore thumb.

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