Gutters protect homes from water damage, but many people tend to overlook them. As a homeowner, being aware of the potential dangers that old or damaged gutters pose is imperative. In this blog post, home improvement contractor AllPoint Construction LLC discusses a few ways old gutters can damage your home and why it’s essential to address such an issue promptly.

How Your Old Gutters Are Damaging Your Home 1

Foundation Damage

Gutters direct rainwater away from your property, protecting your home’s foundations from getting damaged. If you have old or damaged gutters, expect water to spill out and pool around your home. Excess moisture, in turn, seeps through the soil and causes cracks and leaks in your foundation, which can be costly to repair. A compromised foundation can lead to more significant structural issues throughout your home, putting your property and its occupants at risk.

Roofing Damage

Improper water drainage can lead to issues resulting from leaks, including mold growth and rot. Hiring a roofing is imperative to minimize further issues. If left unchecked, it can cause extensive damage and require costly repairs or even a roof replacement.

Landscaping Damage

Your home’s curb appeal and overall property value are directly linked to the health of your landscaping. When old gutters fail to direct water away from your home, soil erosion can occur, which can damage your plants. Keep your gutters in tip-top shape to maintain a healthy and appealing landscaping and protect your investment for longer.

Pest Infestations

Old or damaged gutters can also create the perfect breeding ground for pests such as mosquitoes and rodents. When water accumulates in clogged or broken gutters, it creates a damp environment that attracts these unwanted guests. Remember, pest infestations pose health risks to you and your family and can cause significant property damage.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Old gutters can contribute to mold and mildew growth by creating damp, moisture-prone conditions in and around your home. For this reason, getting rid of any mold or mildew issues as quickly as possible is imperative to prevent further damage to your home and health concerns among the household.

At AllPoint Construction LLC, we install gutters made of different materials, including aluminum, vinyl, copper, and galvanized steel. County on our team to ensure proper installation so you can rest assured your home is protected from the threat of water damage caused by old or damaged gutters.  To schedule a consultation or request a free estimate, call (734) 407-7110, or fill out our online contact form. We proudly serve residents in Allen Park, MI, and the nearby areas.