Winter is all about delightful, snow-clad sceneries and the warm company of your loved ones celebrating holiday festivities. Unfortunately, these wintertide comforts can come at a price if a blustery storm hits your town and causes roof-related damage.

Protect Your Roof

An Allen Park-based home improvement contractor shares tips for protecting your roof against winter weather damage.

  • Check for cracks. While small cracks on your roof may seem insignificant, they can rapidly turn into bigger holes that freely allow leaks to seep into your home, resulting in a wide array of problems, such as rot and mold. Attend to curling shingles and loose flashing before the next blizzard arrives. Ignoring a vulnerable area on your roof can lead to expensive repairs, or worse, a premature roof replacement.

  • Keep an eye on snowstorms. Monitor your local news and stay up to- ate with the weather forecast. Conduct a thorough inspection of your roofing system to prepare for the bleak months ahead, and be sure to get your roof inspected after a bad storm tears through your neighborhood. Fixing storm damage to your roof in a timely manner can stave off a long list of costly issues, including broken gutters, ice dams and structural collapse.

  • Trim away trees. If a tall, overhanging tree branch is a tad too close to the roofline, do not wait to see if it snaps in half or collects a large amount of snow during a winter snow. Instead, have someone carefully trim the branch.

  • Clean your gutters. Do your gutters need cleaning? Many homeowners make the mistake of braving the winter with their gutters full of fallen leaves, twigs, bird nests and other debris. Remember, preventive maintenance is key, so make sure to clean your gutters or install a gutter guard system to avoid having to deal with water damage down the line.

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