Does it feel cramped in your small bathroom? You might want to try the following clever design strategies to make this space more comfortable for you and your family. Here are some helpful tips

How to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger 1

Choose a Lighter Color Palette

As a general rule, avoid dark and contrasting colors when designing a small room. Stick to a lighter color palette to make your bathroom feel more spacious. An excellent example is warm white combined with other neutral hues like tan and beige. Soft gray is another highly preferred color. If you want something with a little bit more color, you may also consider seafoam green, sky blue or butter yellow for the walls and combine these with white trim and cabinetry.

Get Rid of Shower Doors

Your bathroom will appear more spacious if there are fewer obstacles. Shower doors and curtains can be removed to drastically improve the space in your bathroom. If you are bypassing shower doors, just make sure you have excellent drainage.

Let Natural Light Inside

If it is possible to add more windows to your small bathroom, do so. Natural light remains the best type of lighting in any space. It creates an airy and spacious vibe while creating a connection between your bathroom and the outdoors. Have the windows installed higher up on the wall to enjoy more sunlight in the space without compromising your privacy. If that’s not possible, have one or two skylights installed.

Remove the Clutter on Your Floor

Your bathroom may get filthy and cluttered over time, especially if it is used by multiple family members. To ensure adequate floor space, consider getting a floating sink. You can add cabinets or open shelving to the walls for storage.

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