Your windows are an important thing to inspect after a major weather event has passed your area. Even if it’s the hot summer season, you still can’t discount the chance of storms occurring, which is why it’s important to be prepared for this phenomenon. Here’s how you can thoroughly inspect your windows after a summer storm.

Document the Damage

If you have storm-damaged windows, don’t immediately try to clean up the area and do patchwork repairs. First, document the damaged area to submit as proof to your insurance provider. If you need to move broken glass or debris so you can freely move around, take pictures and videos of the damaged portions.

Documenting yourself cleaning glass and debris could sound odd at first, but your window and remodeling expert would tell you that this goes a long way in terms of supporting your insurance claim. This will increase the chance of your insurance claim being approved, covering your losses.

Check Your Windows

Go around your home, and check each window for these signs:

Wind damage: High winds during a storm can break your windows. Watch out for stress cracks, which can be mostly found near the sash.

Impact damage: Strong winds can throw debris like stones and small objects, and hit your windows with them. You’ll know if you’ve suffered impact damage if you notice cracks on your glass or entire panes shattered.

Water infiltration: Rainwater can be pushed by the wind through the weatherstripping and the gaps in your frames. Make sure that you watch out for water stains in these areas.

Once you notice these signs, make sure that you contact your local window contractor immediately to get a professional opinion. This way, you can easily move forward in case immediate repairs or replacements need to be carried out.

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