The kitchen is one of the most used areas in a home, so it’s usually the focus of many home improvement projects. Whether you want to impress guests or create a space that everyone in your family will love, adding character to your kitchen is an excellent way to spruce it up. Fortunately, you can do this in various ways during your next remodel. 

How to Give Your Kitchen More Appeal and Character 1

Here’s how you can create a kitchen design that’s full of character.


Opt for Open Shelving


While wall cabinets are great for hiding clutter and other kitchen tools, you might want to incorporate open shelving into your home improvement design for these reasons:


Functionality: It can be cumbersome to keep opening your cabinets every time you want to take out a set of plates or kitchenware. Open shelving eliminates this step, making the task easier and faster.


Increased appeal: If you have a beautiful collection of china or glassware, why not put them on an open shelf? This way, you can admire their intricate details every day. 


Easy maintenance: Open shelving is easier to clean as there are no doors that can hamper your movement. Moreover, you can tell at a glance when the shelf needs cleaning, unlike with cabinets that keep the contents hidden from sight.


Choose the Right Lighting


Proper lighting is a crucial aspect of a kitchen remodeling project because it can affect the room’s design and appeal. Too much light can make your eyes hurt and alter the color and ambiance of your kitchen. Insufficient light, on the other hand, can cause your kitchen to appear gloomy. Poor lighting can also lead to accidents, so it’s best to create a good lighting design with a professional.


Regarding the type of light fixtures you should consider for your kitchen, pendant lights often come highly recommended. Carefully choose the colors of your light fixtures too. For example, a kitchen with a light color scheme will do well with copper, bronze or other warm and metallic pendant lights. Meanwhile, a kitchen with a darker color palette is best paired with silver, gunmetal gray and other cool tones.


Add Metallic Accents


Adding the right amount of metallic accents during your kitchen remodeling project is an effective way to create a more striking look. The best place to start would be on the sink, where chrome is a standard color. If you want something different yet impactful, choose metallic colors that will complement the design of your kitchen. For traditional designs, brass faucets and towel racks can give the kitchen a classic, sophisticated look. For modern kitchens, silver and gold are usually preferred.


Incorporate Textiles Into Your Design


Textiles are one of the most underrated elements that can give your kitchen more character. One of the best examples of this is putting patterned drapery on the windows of a traditional-style kitchen. This creates a homey feeling and is easy on the eyes. Choosing the right upholstery color and material can also improve a kitchen’s character. For kitchens that are filled with earthy colors and wooden elements, canvas would be a great material choice.


Install Quality Flooring


When striking colors on the walls and cabinets aren’t your style, why not try giving more emphasis on the flooring instead? The material and color of your flooring can make a big difference in the overall look of your kitchen. If you’re going for a traditional design, hickory, maple and pine wood are excellent choices for your flooring as these can create a rustic feel. For modern kitchens, matte porcelain and durable laminate are good options.


Make the Kitchen Island the Central Attraction


If you have a kitchen island, you should make it the focal point of your design. People will always be drawn to it since it’s where the seats are usually located. Choose the right material and finish for your island, but make sure there’s a proper balance between it and the rest of the room. For example, if you have clean white walls and kitchen cabinets, choosing a bright color for your kitchen island can make it the center of attraction without overpowering the other elements of your kitchen.


Decorate Using Plants


Adding some indoor plants can also give your kitchen more character. One of the best ways you can do this is to place plants near window sills. They will be able to soak up sunlight while giving the room more life and color. Some homeowners also plant herbs in rectangular pots for both functionality and style. That said, you should also consider the color and material of the pots or containers you’re going to use to maximize the impact of the plants.


Liven Up Your Walls With Artwork


If you have enough space for it, you should also incorporate artwork into your kitchen design. While it’s important to ensure there’s enough room for necessities like cabinets, appliances and work areas, filling out empty areas in your kitchen can add to its appeal. Artworks and knick-knacks can fill the gaps between shelves and mounted cabinets.


Introduce Color Through Your Backsplash


The backsplash is the surface behind the countertop, and you can introduce more color variety into your kitchen design with a bold choice. For example, if you have a two-toned kitchen palette, choosing a vibrant color or pattern for the backsplash can create the contrast you need in your kitchen. Colorful backsplashes are also popular with modern kitchen designs, which often have a minimalist look or neutral color schemes.


Use Texture


Adding some texture to your kitchen design can enhance the vibe of the space. One of the most popular ways to do this is by incorporating wooden elements into your design. Wooden worktops are popular in kitchens that lack texture. Their surfaces provide a nice contrast with the rest of the area without looking out of place.


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