If you’re struggling with the size of your kitchen, don’t worry because you can still make your limited space work. Sometimes, all you need is proper planning and designing. You may just not know it yet, but there are a lot of areas in your kitchen that you can turn into something useful.

Small Kitchen

Utilize the Space Under Cabinets

One of the most overlooked areas in your kitchen is the space under the cabinets. This particular space can be used as added storage. There are hanging organizers that don’t require screws that you can place under the cabinets. This option is ideal for those who are renting homes or apartments.

Add a Small Island

You can add a small island in the middle of your kitchen for more counter space if you have enough room. The island can also have cabinets where you can store some of your cooking utensils. To ensure your new island blends well with the current features of your kitchen, choose a color that matches your cabinetry.

Make the Most of Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors are also a great place to create more storage. You can use hooks to hang foil and plastic wrap boxes inside the cabinet doors. Aside from hooks, you can also attach magnetic strips inside the cabinets where you can hang metal tools like measuring cups.

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