When it’s snowing outside, many homeowners tend to overlook their roofs. Yet, excessive amounts of snow can compromise the structural integrity of the system. It can also contribute to leaks and, eventually, water damage.

Roofing System Handle

How Much Snow Can Your Roof Handle?

The amount of snow a roof can hold depends on various factors. Most systems can bear 20 pounds per square of weight before experiencing stress. However, homes built in areas that get a lot of snow may have roofs that are made to handle heavier weights.

You can estimate how much weight your roofing system can handle by following certain guidelines. Ten to 12 inches of new snow is equivalent to around an inch of water or about 5 pounds per square inch. A roof can handle 40 to 48 inches of new snow before becoming stressed. If the snow is packed, three to five inches of snow is around five pounds per square inch. Your roof can take around 20 inches of snow if this is the scenario.

Possible Hazards

Melting snow is more likely to run off roofs with steep slopes. On the other hand, ice and snow tend to build up faster on roofs with a flat surface or low slope. Beware of heavy snow loads on a roof or roofalanche. Like avalanches, roofalanches can fall from the roof and pose danger to what’s below. It can bury or trap anyone or anything on its path. If your roof has a significant amount of snow, make sure to have it removed for your safety.

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