You like how your kitchen looks right now, but have you also thought about switching styles? If you’ve always wanted a charming and rustic vibe to your space, then you’ll absolutely love the cottage style. Here’s how you can get that lovely cottage look for your kitchen. 

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Cottage-Style Kitchen Design Tips and Tricks

  • Go for taller windows. A light and airy feel is a staple in cottage-style kitchens. You can achieve this with effective lighting design, but nothing compares to natural light. If privacy isn’t a concern, choose taller windows with smaller panes. They not only bring more natural light into the space, but also help maximize your viewing area.

  • Consider a lighter natural palette. Use a white base for your cottage-style kitchen palette, and then add pastels to soften and add warmth to the room. That’s pretty much it if you want to keep the color scheme in line with the traditional cottage-style look. But if you’re feeling bold, you’re free to introduce a bold (but natural) color to your space. Some great examples include sage green, rich beige, stone gray and sunny yellow. 

  • Use more natural materials. A cottage-style kitchen has a rustic, Old World charm, and you can’t achieve that by using too much chrome or glass in the space. Instead, opt for natural materials. Start with wood for the cabinets and flooring. Choose a warmer wood tone to give the space a cozier feel. As for the countertops and backsplash, natural stone, such as granite and marble, are the ideal choices.

Some Additional Tips

Those mentioned above are just the basics. You can complete the cottage-style kitchen look further by:

  1. Using beadboard liberally on walls and cabinets.

  2. Adding brushed gold and brass fixtures.

  3. Going for shaker style cabinet doors.

  4. Integrating simple crown molding into cabinets and furniture.

  5. Getting a farmhouse sink.

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