An often occupied space, the bathroom may need to be designed with functional features, but it still needs to look aesthetically pleasing – positively bright, airy and private. This helps ensure that homeowners start their days on the right foot and end with a calming and soothing experience, be that a quick, steamy shower or a long, misty soak in the bathtub.

Here are the benefits of a bathroom renovation.

bathroom remodel

The Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom

Before you phone a local remodeler and tackle a small or extensive bathroom renovation project, it is important to familiarize yourself with the potential benefits of such a significant and often expensive investment. Here are five advantages a bathroom redo can offer:

1. It increases home value. A minor bathroom renovation, according to, can give homeowners at least a 102% return at resale. A minor remodel includes replacing fixtures, such as the sink, toilet, vanity, showerhead, bathtub and tile surround, and, perhaps, the application of a fresh coat of paint on the walls as the finishing touch. As you refurbish, consider the color and decorating trends that will have lasting value in the future.

2. It increases money savings. While repairing or revamping the bathroom requires shelling out a large sum of cash upfront, it can notably increase your savings in the long run. From getting rid of leaky faucets, adding aerators, installing a water-saving toilet and a tankless water heater, there are many home improvement options that are not only efficient, but also help save you big bucks on utility bills.

3. It reduces clutter. A poorly designed bathroom invites clutter and often leads to disorganization, which can influence your mood for the rest of the day. So, when you renovate the space, opt to make the choice to add sufficient storage space with smart designs available on today’s market. You can finally find a shelter for clean towels, extra toiletries and cleaning supplies without having to chuck every single thing into a bulky cabinet.

4. It makes the bathroom a peaceful oasis. Performing your day-to-day grooming routine in a messy, ill-lit and unattractive room with outdated and inferior fixtures can be a source of stress. With a professional bathroom renovation, you can choose to relax and lull your tired muscles after a long day at work in a beautiful claw-foot tub and dry off afterward with decently heated towels.

Important Features of the Ideal Bathroom

A remodel, whether of a bathroom, kitchen or master bedroom, is expected to enhance the beauty and functionality of the space. Here are several essential elements to include in your bathroom remodeling plans that can fit perfectly with your lifestyle.

1. A Great Design

A sound, practical layout is a fundamental element of a great bathroom design. It makes the bathroom, like all other rooms in a house, function in a trouble-free and cohesive fashion. To produce a successful layout, considering how the bathroom will be used and how many people will be using it on a regular basis is crucial. Determine how the space needs to flow, and organize functional areas around a central space to fully optimize the space no matter its size. Also, position the fixtures in the right places to enhance the look and feel of the bathroom. For example, be sure the toilet is not the first thing that can be seen when the door is opened.

2. Bathroom Basin

The right model or style of the basin has to fit well in the overall bathroom design and offer the efficiency that homeowners need. If the bathroom has limited square footage, it is a sensible choice to install a sturdy, wall-mounted sink made from a time-tested material, such as enameled steel, tempered glass or acrylic. This style of basin leaves more floor space visible, making the room appear bigger and less convoluted. If there is more than one person using the bathroom on a daily basis, a double basin is the most suitable option. The basin should also be a shape, color and style that complements the rest of the bathroom well.

3. Vanity

If you are in the middle of a powder room or master bath remodel, a bathroom vanity is a great feature to incorporate. Its purpose is to get the mirror and sink unit fitted with drawers or shelves, which are used to store toiletries, essentially removing the clutter in the bathroom. It is a large, striking piece of furniture that captures attention, so make sure to build a vanity that works well with the entire space.

In a smaller-sized bathroom, a wall-hung vanity is a great remodeling addition as it leaves ample floor space. If children will use the bathroom, it is a smart move to install an inset basin since it is easier for them to reach and use. To determine whether to get a vanity with cupboards or drawers, think about how much storage you need and what you will be stored in it.

4. Shower

The shower area is one of the most used features in a bathroom, so it is essential to get it right. Does your bathroom have enough square footage for a separate shower cubicle, or does a shower over a bathtub sound more practical? You also need to consider the design of the shower. For instance, adding a framed shower screen can have a significant impact on the final look of the room, providing a contrast to your design scheme. A frameless shower enclosure, on the other hand, is best for making the room appear more spacious and bright, which is beneficial for small-scale bathrooms.

5. Tiles

Your choice of floor and wall tiles dominates the scheme of the bathroom. However, with numerous designs available on the home improvement market, finding one that can boost the overall look of the room can be so challenging. First, think about the impression that you want to create. Do you want the space to appear streamlined and minimalist, with floor and wall tiles flowing seamlessly throughout, or make use of contrasting colors to distinguish the walls and floor? Do you prefer a textured or smooth finish?

If you want the bathroom to appear bigger than it actually is, choose larger tiles to create fewer dividing lines. To craft a gorgeous and perfectly coherent design, use tiles with the same design on the floor and walls, and continue the tiling all the way up to the ceiling.

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