A well-built asphalt shingle roofing system can be reliable against all sorts of weather elements. However, wind can still cause wear and tear, which can lead to premature damage if not immediately addressed by roofing professionals. That’s because wind can easily suck up or blow the shingles off the roof deck when it picks up speed during severe weather. As such, the best way to protect your roof is to take the right precautions to minimize damage. 

Factors That Increase Your Roof’s Wind Damage Vulnerability 1

It also helps to understand the different factors that affect your asphalt shingle roof’s risk of wind damage. 

Nearby Trees and Structures

Nearby trees that have overhanging branches can increase your roof’s risk of wind damage. And if they’re too near, strong winds are capable of uprooting them, which means they can cause damage when they fall into your roof. To minimize damage from nearby trees, make sure to trim overhanging branches whenever possible. Also, consider cutting down weak and flimsy trees that may likely fall onto your home during strong winds and severe weather.

Roofing Materials and Components 

The materials and components installed on your roof will determine how strong it can fare against wind and other weather elements. Even if you choose good quality materials, they must still be installed by a roofing professional to ensure proper weather protection. However, the best materials won’t always be the most reliable as some may be too thick for shingle nails and heavy for your roof’s weight capacity. Make sure to go for whatever fits your needs and budget.

Roof Installations

The risk of wind damage also increases depending on the number of structures and equipment installed on your roofing system. These may be necessary for your home, but you should still make sure that they don’t go beyond your roof’s weight capacity. Some of these installations can also interfere with the roof’s aerodynamics, increasing your shingles’ risk of wind damage. Also, keep in mind that the rooftop installations themselves become more vulnerable to wind-driven projectiles and debris. 

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