Food brings the family closer through cooking and dining. Without a well-designed kitchen, you may not be enticed to spend as much time as you would like in this space. If you want to turn your kitchen into an area where you can do more socializing with family and friends, you might want to consider an eat-in kitchen for your next home improvement project. 

Eat-in Kitchen: Benefits and Design Tips to Consider 1

Traditionally, homes have a separate dining room where people can formally gather to eat and talk. However, if you want to keep it casual or add a modern twist to your kitchen space, you’ll love the convenience of an eat-in kitchen where diners can eat while cooks can prepare food

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of an eat-in kitchen and how you can set it up.

Why Choose an Eat-In Kitchen?

Remodeling experts usually point to these benefits when clients ask about an eat-in kitchen design:

It’s Perfect for On-the-Go Dining

If your family members start their day at different times, an eat-in kitchen would be convenient. Anyone can have food or snacks on the go without the formality and preparation needed when eating in a formal dining room. An eat-in kitchen is also great for families who usually have hectic mornings.

It Creates a More Relaxed Atmosphere

Some people might find the traditional dining setup too stiff and formal for the everyday. That is why modern kitchens have started including dining areas. This type of kitchen design is more relaxed – which is perfect for bonding with family or entertaining guests.

It Saves Space

An eat-in kitchen will save you a lot of space and perhaps free up a room if you’re letting go of the entire dining room. It’s ideal for smaller families or those with limited square footage. If your current kitchen space needs a little more room to accommodate a dining area, it might benefit from a bump-out. In this case, make sure to consult home improvement specialists.

It Allows the Cook to Socialize

Cooking is hard work, and the person in charge of it will surely enjoy some company while they prepare meals. An eat-in kitchen allows diners to interact with the cook, ensuring that everyone is entertained and has a good time.

Setting Up Your Eat-In Kitchen

Here are a few elements that would make your eat-in kitchen more comfortable, convenient and appealing:

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island adds more storage and counter space. It can serve as your work table where you could chop and wash vegetables, prep meat, and gather other ingredients. Make sure it’s big enough to fit a working or cooking zone and the dining area. Don’t forget to set it up with comfy chairs for the diners. Your home improvement contractor will surely take care of all the measurements, taking into account the different tasks you’ll normally do on the island.


The peninsula is described as a “connected island” 0 which is its main difference from the kitchen island. It’s the recommended alternative for kitchen spaces that can’t fit an island. Much like the island, the peninsula offers additional prep and storage space. However, it has more seating space and can function as a divider between the living and cooking areas.

Counter Space

You can create an eat-in kitchen with an extended countertop. Simply add stools for diners to sit on, and make sure there’s enough leg room for everyone’s comfort. The extended countertop works great in small kitchens and provides a casual area for family and friends to eat with the option of moving to a dining table for meals. Since this area will likely be multifunctional, ask your kitchen remodeling contractor what countertop material would be suitable for various purposes.

Breakfast Area

A breakfast nook is one of the most popular ways of combining dining and kitchen areas. It usually looks great if you have a bay window, which makes this little corner in your kitchen feel a lot cozier. A breakfast area requires virtually no kitchen remodeling since you only need to find space that could fit a small table and chairs. 


A built-in banquette is a stylish feature that will allow you to easily carve out a comfortable dining area in your eat-in kitchen. You can add this to your island, counter space or breakfast table. If you have a small kitchen space, a built-in banquette can provide you with extra storage space too.

Design Tips for an Eat-in Kitchen

Don’t forget to consider these tips when designing your eat-in kitchen: 

Opt for Low-Maintenance Materials

Whether you’re picking a material for your extended countertop or island, always look for low-maintenance options. This will make cleaning and upkeep so much easier for you. Regular cleaning is crucial to maintaining the appeal and functionality of your eat-in kitchen. If the surfaces are easy to wipe clean and they are resistant to impact, heat and moisture, you won’t have to worry about frequent deep cleaning and repairs.

Accommodate More Diners With an Extended Countertop or Peninsula

If your main goal for your kitchen remodel is to provide as much seating as possible, you should go with an extended countertop or a peninsula. These surfaces will surely work to your advantage if you have a large family or you usually have several friends visiting at a time.

Add Storage Options to Your Built-In Banquette

Your built-in banquette can provide additional storage by carving out cabinets for cooking and dining items that rarely get used. Alternatively, you can leave these cabinets open to store board games or cookbooks. Consult your kitchen remodeling company to help you maximize your built-in banquette according to your needs.

Use Small Tables

If you decide to go with a breakfast nook, opt for a small table. You don’t need a large one, especially if you have a formal dining area where you can have more festive meals. A small table will save you space, and it’s perfect for small families or families with young children. 

Stick With a Minimalist Design

With all the things going on in an eat-in kitchen – from food prep and cooking to eating to washing dishes – it might be best to use a minimalist design. This will help make your kitchen look and feel less cluttered and cramped.

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