If you live in an HOA community and are planning on installing a new roof on your home, homeowners association (HOA) approval may be one of the fundamental things you need to sort out before proceeding with the construction.

HOA Approval

Here, we answer some of the questions relating to HOA and roof replacement below.

When Do You Need to Consult Your HOA?

You most likely need to consult your HOA if you plan to perform a complete roof tear-off or have plans to change the appearance of your roof. One of the goals of most HOAs is for all roofs in the neighborhood to have a similar and cohesive look to preserve their real estate value, so they will probably weigh factors like roof style, shingle colors and materials used.

When Should You Bring in a Contractor?

If it is a smart move to bring a contractor to help with the process of getting an approval from your HOA. While it is ultimately your responsibility as a homeowner to understand the ins and outs of HOA guidelines, the right roofing contractor will help you keep in line with the rules and regulations. The person will also draw up plans and communicate with the HOA until the installation is successfully completed.

What Happens if You Don’t Get HOA Approval?

You have gone through all the work of mapping out your roofing plans with a contractor and presented them to the HOA board, but they did not get approved. If this happens, it is best to ask your HOA about the changes that need to be made in order for your plans to meet the board’s requirements. Once you do get the approval, it is finally time for your roofing team to get to work.

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