Gutters are built for tough and efficient draining performance, but they’re not exactly indestructible. You’ll need to have them replaced – and you have to cover quite a few bases once you do. These include checking whether you’ll need approval from your local homeowners association (HOA). So, does the HOA board actually have a say about your gutter replacement project? 

Do You Actually Need HOA Approval for a Gutter Replacement? 1

Yes, You Probably Need to Get HOA Approval

A gutter replacement project seems easier if you can plan it at breakfast and get it rolling by lunch. But this isn’t the proper way of doing things when you live in an HOA community. Most HOAs require pre-approval for projects that involve exterior changes. Gutter replacement falls in this category since the gutters are one of your home’s most visible exterior components. 

Your Gutter Replacement and the Local HOA

The whole process seems like a pain, but you already knew this going in when you’ve purchased a home managed by an HOA. You can make the pre-approval process of any home improvement project, including gutter replacement, simply by adhering to your HOA’s specific conditions, covenants and restrictions (CC&Rs). Avoid taking this lightly – the CC&Rs are enforceable by law and non-compliance can get you into sorts of issues. 

Here are a few tips you might find useful:

  • The simplest way to check the HOA CC&Rs about gutter replacement is to refer to the copy given to you when you bought your home in the neighborhood. If you somehow don’t have a copy, you can ask someone in the HOA board for another one. You’re also free to check the HOA community website (if they have one) for a posted copy of the governing documents.

  • Make sure you submit all the required documents and requirements, including a detailed project proposal, on time. Be thorough about this since getting approval usually takes a long time. You won’t want to restart the process because you forgot one crucial detail.

  • You can work with a gutter company who has dealt with your HOA before. The team will help increase your chance of getting approval. But keep in mind that understanding HOA guidelines and ensuring your project is compliant is ultimately your responsibility.

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