The difference between a house and a home is the warmth emanating from within — the feeling that makes it a cozy living space and not just a shelter from the elements. If you’ve just moved into your home or are thinking about giving your home a cozier feel, read on as AllPoint Construction LLC shares design and wellness concepts to get you started.

Design and Wellness Concepts for a Cozier Home 1


Hygge is a Danish concept that represents the coziness and contentment found in simple pleasures. In homes, hygge is achieved with elements such as soft lighting, lush throw blankets and a relaxing color palette. It’s important to note that what feels cozy can vary from person to person, so it’s important that you, the homeowner, have input when using hygge or other concepts. In addition to interior design, hygge is widely used in product and film production design.


Similarly, lagom is another European concept, this time from Sweden. It means “just the right amount,” and describes a lifestyle that is balanced — neither minimalist nor grandiose. Lagom encourages decluttering and finds balance between form and function. Multifunctional furniture pieces and minimalist decor are common features of homes that are designed with lagom in mind.


Friluftsliv is a Norwegian concept that roughly translates to “open-air living”. While the concept seems miles away from the concept of coziness, homes that follow the concept of friluftsliv have a pronounced connection to the outdoors. Elements like wood and stone, as well as greenery, create an environment that evokes a warm feeling while bridging the indoor and outdoor spaces. An open patio or custom decking can reinforce this concept.


Yet another European concept worth looking into is niksen, which translates to “to do nothing” or “to be idle”. It’s easy to dismiss niksen as promoting laziness, but far from it: it’s a concept meant to promote rest and rejuvenation. In homes, niksen is akin to the spa-like environment that’s popular with bathroom design. This means choosing lighting, color palette and decor that encourages relaxation. All of these elements can be centered on a beautiful view, if part of the home has access to it.

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