Everyone loves good curb appeal these days, and home siding is one of the first things people notice about your Downriver home. Siding can be made from a variety of materials including wood, vinyl; metal; fiber cement; brick veneer; or stone veneer. In the hands of a quality contractor, correctly installed siding adds beauty and protection to your house exterior. Siding is finished off with fascia boards and molding around doors and windows.

There are many advantages and benefits of installing siding on your home. Once complete, siding results in lower maintenance on your home. Most siding materials, particularly vinyl and fiber cement siding, require very little maintenance to keep them looking great. That means less time spent working on the exterior of your home. An added benefit is reduced utility costs all year round, which almost pay for the job.

Vinyl siding never needs painting. Fiber cement siding holds its colors more than twice as long as other siding choices. These materials don’t fade, flake, chip, or crack. That means you no longer require scraping and painting your home every few years. That alone could save you over $50,000 in painting costs! Painting a three-bedroom home can cost between $9,000 and $12,600. Experts recommend your home needs to be painted a minimum of every seven years. This could be more frequent in harsh four-season climates. That painting cost adds up over the next twenty years in a range between $53,000 to $67,000.

Siding improves the value of your home. An attractive siding job adds value to your home by giving it instant “curb appeal.” New siding is consistently ranked among the top returns on investment in industry magazines rankings of the best home improvement returns on investment.

Siding pays for itself through energy efficiency.  Insulated siding offers an additional layer between the outside elements and your home. That means wind and cold can be stopped, helping to keep your family comfortable all year long and subsequently reducing monthly energy bills.

The cost to reside a house can range from $2,900 to $43,000 depending on several factors. These include such factors as your home’s square footage, the material type used, your local hourly labor charges, and the height of your house height.

The costs of materials to reside a house are more than half of a new siding project’s expense. Different materials will produce a different look on each structure. You want to know the various types and costs of materials available.  Those commonly used include:

Traditional Wood siding — this is genuine wood clapboard, board, and batten, or engineered wood siding. It runs around $2 to $6 per sq. ft.

Aluminum siding is more costly than vinyl and requires tools such as a brake to form and shape many pieces. Aluminum runs about $3 to $4 per sq. ft.

Vinyl siding. Most of today’s installations are vinyl products. It is actually more affordable than wood, costing around $2 to $3 per sq. ft.

Vinyl log siding — manufactured to look like real logs specifically. Vinyl log siding ranges between $3 to $8.50 per sq. ft.

Fiber cement siding — Manufactured with cellulose, cement, and other ingredients, this human-made material costs anywhere between $0.70 and $5.25 per square foot.

Brick veneer — because it is available in a wide range of varieties, brick veneer per-square-foot costs widely range anywhere between $3 and $10.

Stone veneer — whether it is human-made or real stone – runs $5.50 to $10.75 per sq. ft.

Someone has to install the siding. The costs for professional installation and removal of siding can vary greatly.  Some of these materials are easier to work with, faster to install, and more commonly used than other materials. This greatly affects installation costs when residing a house. Additional cost factors can include seasonal variations, the popularity of a particular type of siding, and the height and complexity of siding your home.

The labor cost to reside a house tends to break down along two categories of materials. Vinyl, wood, engineered wood, aluminum, and fiber cement siding labor costs for installation will run between $0.94 and $.194 per square foot. This is because the process is simpler and most prevalent of the two. Brick, stone, and vinyl log siding costs between $3 and $13 per square foot.

In general, and not accounting for your local conditions, a project to install wood siding on a 2,000-square-foot one-story house (roughly 1,500 square feet of siding) will run between $2,900 and $8,500. The same house in stone will run between $24,000 and $43,000 to complete.

If you are getting bid on siding an existing home, there may be hidden costs for you to consider. You will be paying for the removal of the old siding materials. Underneath the siding, you and your contractor may find hidden issues that will drive up the cost to reside a house.  Some of these include rotted sheathing, damage from insects or animals, and damages from trapped moisture or neglect. In addition to those, some additional costs to factor into your budget are any homeowner association (HOA) permits,  local permits, weather delays, and carting costs to remove the old materials.

Ultimately, home siding wears out, leading to increased energy costs or even moisture and pests entering your home and damaging interior walls. Replacing your home’s siding not only increases the property value, but advanced technology ensures that new modern siding will last a substantial amount of time.

The good news is that we offer the best siding materials from Ply Gem, the top manufacturer of siding and accessories. And because we’re a Mastic Elite Contractor® by Ply Gem, AllPoint is very proud to offer our customers the exclusive Double VIP Lifetime Warranty – a transferable limited warranty to the home’s second owner.

We utilize Handsplit shakes, Perfection 7″, Dutchlap and Double 4″, and we only use high quality 3/4 foam insulation and tape all seams, resulting in a dramatic increase in insulation value, giving you an insulation value of R-3.5 -R-4 on your home.

To get the peace-of-mind knowing that your home’s new siding is premium quality and that it was installed properly the first time, contact AllPoint today!