Getting new windows will significantly improve your home’s appeal and protection against the elements. With the right products, you can even enjoy savings on your energy costs. When planning this project, among the most common questions homeowners have is when is the best time to get the project done.

window replacement in winter

Keep on reading to learn if you can have your new windows installed in winter.

Is Winter Window Replacement a Good Idea?

Many homeowners are hesitant to replace their windows in the middle of the winter and even during late fall. They are concerned about heated air escaping their home and increasing their energy costs. This project can also expose your interior to not only the cold but also outside elements. However, you do not have to worry about these things as long as you have hired an experienced and reliable contractor.

A skilled window installer will complete your project efficiently and quickly. Pros will seal off every room where windows will be replaced to reduce heat loss. Before the installation, they will cover and protect your floors and furniture pieces. To minimize your home’s exposure to outdoor elements, the installers will work in teams to remove one window at a time.

Why Replace Your Windows in Winter?

Detect Issues With Your Windows

It’s easier to detect problems with your windows in winter. Materials tend to contract during cold temperatures, and parts of your windows are exposed to precipitation and other elements. These conditions increase the likelihood of window issues to manifest through drafts and leaks. As soon as you notice signs of the said issues, it’s best to consult a professional. They can determine which windows need replacement or repair.

Instantly Improve Your Home’s Comfort

Once you replace your windows in winter, you will instantly notice a difference in your home’s comfort. With energy-efficient windows, your heating and cooling system does not need to work as hard to keep you comfortable. It means you will stay cozy no matter the season, and you will also save on your energy costs. Keep in mind that like replacing a roofing system, you should not delay your window replacement.

Gain Access to Off-Season Deals

It’s common for window companies to offer discounts throughout the year. However, you can have access to even better deals when it is not the peak season for window replacement. Usually, there is higher demand during the warmer months, especially during the start of spring and early fall. When window contractors are not as busy and don’t have as many projects scheduled, they are more likely to offer bigger discounts.

Schedule Your Project More Easily

During winter, it is easier for you to schedule your project. While most home improvement contractors will want to install your new windows as soon as possible, you can still ask them to schedule your project during spring if you still want to complete the project during the warmer months. In the busier seasons, scheduling your project may not be as flexible. You may have to wait longer in line if you choose to have the job done in spring or summer.

How Do You Know if It’s Time for a Window Replacement?

Worn Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is essential in preventing drafts and heat loss, especially in sliding and double-hung windows. As your windows age, the weatherstripping deteriorates. Worn weatherstripping can indicate that your windows need replacement.

Damaged Caulking

When the caulk in the window is damaged or missing, moisture and wind can penetrate the walls. Over time this will result in routine and other water-related damage. Caulking prevents water from penetrating your wall’s structure. You may want to contact a local home improvement expert to fix this problem immediately.

Broken Window Seals

If your windows have condensation that cannot be removed by wiping, it is a sign that the seals have been compromised. Once the seal breaks, the gas fill between the seals will escape. As a result, your windows will no longer be efficient, and your home will lose heat. To keep your home from losing energy, you will need to have the damaged windows replaced.

Your Indoor Spaces Are Too Humid

Warm air has more moisture than cold air, meaning windows are more likely to develop condensation on the glass. When not wiped, this condensation can cause mold growth on windows. The wood components of your windows can also absorb the moisture, leading to rot. There are various things you can do to reduce your home’s humidity. For instance, you can use dehumidifiers or turn down your thermostat by a couple of degrees. Ventilating your interior helps lower humidity levels as well. Moreover, check your window frames and sills for signs of mold or rot. If you find any, it’s time to invest in new ones.

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

With drafty windows, your heating system will have to exert more effort to reach your desired temperature. As a result, your energy bill will significantly increase. It can also happen in summer with your air conditioner working harder to keep you cool. Investing in high-quality windows can help cut down your utility costs.

You Have Single-Pane Windows

Unlike multi-pane windows, single-pane windows will not contribute to your home’s insulation or soundproofing. No matter the temperature outdoors, your HVAC system will be working hard to keep you comfortable. You’ll see a significant difference in your comfort and energy bills with multi-pane windows. Plus, changing out your windows will increase your property’s value, which is beneficial if you’re considering selling in the future.

Your Windows Are Hard to Open and Close

You should not have any trouble opening and closing efficient windows. Windows should have a well-functioning lock for added protection against drafts and improved security. If it’s a daily struggle to open and close your windows, it may be time for a replacement.

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