If you’re considering revamping the look and feel of your home, it might be worth looking at the trends for bathroom design that will be popular in 2022.

Bathroom Design

Redefine Your Shower Experience

According to an award-winning bathroom design specialist, the double shower is a must in a modern-day bathroom. A double shower with rain heads, hand-held functions and multiple faucets create an immensely relaxing experience. Body sprays installed on the opposite wall of the shower head — and not aimed at the shower door — is another excellent addition to a new and illustrious shower system. The top-level body spray is usually set at the shoulder height while the mid-level spray at the waist or hip level. There are also various designs that can suit the prominent style of your bathroom, be it an electric dual shower with chrome finish, a perfect blend of convenience and performance or a digital dual shower, which offers a sleek motif geared with innovative smart technology.

While not the most glamorous of benefits, the double shower head also adds practicality when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. The hand-held device makes it faster and easier to reach every nook and cranny of the shower space. When designing your shower, however, be sure not to make the mistake of installing the shower heads too far from each other. A good rule of thumb is to place them approximately a foot away from one another.

Be Adventurous With Colors

Dark and moody color palettes are recommended this year. If you work a textural element into your remodeling, such as matte black tiles, toilets, sinks or washbasins, it creates a tonal look that is clean and sophisticated, and results in minimal distractions that can help you fully take your mind off something. The black shade looks exceptional with shimmering gold finishes and accents, too. You can also select a stand-out fixture, such as the bathtub, to fabricate a striking visual contrast. Whether it is a bold shade of taupe or sage green, a pigment tub is a stunning way to make a statement in a bathroom.

If you are looking for a lighter scheme, both stone and marble are gorgeous elements that you can match with the countertop to achieve a uniform look. Since there has been an uptick in demand for organic materials, more and more contemporary bathrooms are being designed with walls and floors made with natural stone. Another trend that has been occupying blueprints is mixing metals. Many beautiful compositions have come out of taking risks, so do not be afraid to incorporate this trend into your home.

Revamp Your Shower Storage

With all the steam and moisture lingering around, the storage space in the wall of your shower, which is called the shower niche or shower cubby, can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. In fact, the built-in shower cubby is becoming less and less of a must-have, especially in modern bathrooms. Instead, opt for a storage solution that drains and dries well in order to minimize the chance of water pooling. Consider installing a beautiful teak bench to place products, such as shampoos, conditioners and soaps, on and provide seating.

Incorporate the Japandi Style

One of the snowballing trends in bathroom designs is the incorporation of the Japandi style, a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. It embraces the modern and minimalist flair of Scandinavian interiors and the nature-inspired and elegant themes of Japanese interiors. The Japandi style is mostly minimal, functional and calming, and has delicate hints of wabi-sabi — a Japanese aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

The first rule of the Japandi style is to keep it clean. A Zen-filled interior does not require you to toss out all your material possessions. Simply, establish a free-flowing floor space that is free of clutter. The warm, rustic appeal of wood is esteemed in both Japanese and Danish interior designs. Go with rattan or bamboo furniture, soft linen furnishing, tatami mats and origami shades. Also, introduce natural accents with houseplants, preferably sown in terracotta pots. To add a unique sense of texture to your bathroom, consider mixing various wood species and diverse grains, patterns and tones.

When it comes to colors, the Japandi aesthetic can be flexible. If your preference tips toward the Scandinavian expression, opt for a white or neutral palette enhanced with rich accents. Another choice is to incorporate large swathes of vibrant colors on walls and celebrate earth tones like blues, greens, browns and plums.

Merge the Indoors and Outdoors

Realize an at-home oasis with an indoor-outdoor bathroom. Rather than a secluded space, the modern bathroom possesses a fluid connection with the outdoors while staying a refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Think beyond bamboo mats and pebbled tiles, and imagine a real experience of the balmy sun and a pale blue sky.


You can surround an interior shower with shimmering tiles in cobalt blue and install a glass door that opens to the deck, where a minimalist wall-mounted shower for rinsing is located. Another perfect image of an outdoor bath is a tub fashioned from Indonesian river rock and a tumbled-stone wall that features a water spout. A shower wall made up of strips of water-resistant ipe that bleeds into an outdoor courtyard is also reminiscent of a modern California house.

This home improvement trend will see an increase in public interest as sustainability and natural lifestyle are prioritized in residential spaces. Even people with small-sized bathrooms can follow the trend by incorporating houseplants that thrive in humid environments, such as asparagus fern, begonia and Chinese evergreen.

Add a Punchy Basin Design

Whether you have a compact or spacious bathroom, 2022 is all about creating an interior space that provides a sense of comfort and a sprinkle of opulence. From powder rooms to ensuite bathrooms, you can expect a demand for exclusive designs for basins to increase. By simply upgrading a wash bin to an eccentric basin, you can make a mundane element the focal point of your bathroom.

For smaller rooms, opt for minimal storage and freestanding basins as an alternative to the built-in fixture. This adds character to the space without feeling overwhelming. If you want to add elegance and drama to your bathroom, a heart-molded bowl made out of natural stone is an exhilarating choice. If you want to utilize every inch of the space, the simplicity of a white-colored basin and a cupboard under the sink is the way to go.


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