Once the weather starts to warm up, and the snow begins to melt, it is important to inspect your windows and see if they have been damaged by severe winter elements. Identifying issues like leaks or loose frames and addressing them as soon as possible will minimize the effects on your living space.

assessing window damage

Wood Windows and Winter Weather

It is clear that old, wood windows are more likely to experience issues after the winter season than modern vinyl windows. For instance, freezing temperatures, moisture and snow can cause wood to swell, making them sticky and difficult to operate. If your window frames are rotting, it is an indication that a replacement is due. Paint can also start peeling away, so make sure to fix it by applying a new, fresh coat of paint. Finally, look for damaged weatherstripping or cracked caulking. Make sure to replace it to maintain a watertight seal around your windows.

Vinyl Windows and Winter Weather

It is possible for vinyl windows to experience many of the same problems that wood windows have during the season of heavy snowfalls. However, there are also issues specific to vinyl windows. The first one is moisture between window panes. If you find condensation buildup between the panes of glass, it means that the window is no longer airtight, making it less inefficient. Another thing to look for is excessive condensation. While some condensation is normal, particularly in the summer, a large amount of moisture buildup during winter can cause numerous issues like mold growth and rot.

Replacing Your Windows

If you know that your windows are severely damaged by snow, ice, hail or other freezing elements, make sure to call a professional to inspect and replace windows. Installing new, energy-efficient replacement windows will not only help reduce your energy bills, but also increase the curb appeal and overall comfort of your home.

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