It takes a significant amount of work to install a roof. It’s also expensive, so you want the job done right the first time. The good thing is, you can tell immediately if it’s not. 

A Guide to Spotting a Poorly Installed Roof 1

Here’s how you can spot a poorly installed roof.

Warning Signs

  • Crooked gutters. No matter how well the gutters are built, the drains will still be uneven if the fascia of the roof is not straight. This will cause the water in the gutters to back up instead of drain to the downspouts.

  • Misaligned shingles. Correctly fitted asphalt shingles lie flat and seamlessly on a roof’s surface, with each piece of material seamlessly melding with the next one like a jigsaw puzzle. But shingles can look wavy and out of place when the work is done poorly. As a result, there are gaps between the materials, making it easier for rainwater to enter the roofing system.

  • Missing shingles. Due to missing shingles that expose the underlayment to water infiltration, improperly nailed shingles are more likely to be ripped off the roof deck by strong winds. Similarly, improperly installed metal roofing can cause the sheet metal to be bent or torn.

Actions You Can Do

There are ways to ensure your roofing system lasts a long time, and choosing the right people to handle the job matters. Here are some tips on finding a good contractor:

  • Look for a warranty on the installation. A workmanship or installation warranty gives you peace of mind that your contractor will fix any installation errors within a specific time frame. Manufacturers of roofing materials can also provide workmanship guarantees through licensed contractors.

  • Verify the credentials of any prospective roofers. Make sure a roofing contractor is qualified, licensed and insured before hiring them.

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