Different factors drive people to get things done. Whether it’s for work or chores, careful planning or good music can be beneficial for one to finish daily tasks. These days, more importantly, as companies have introduced remote work, there is another necessity that homeowners shouldn’t neglect. 

A Guide to Bringing More Natural Light Into Your Home 1

In a home, natural light is always preferable to artificial lighting. It fills your space with a deep, full-spectrum hue that light bulbs can only attempt to imitate. Natural light also increases the feel-good energy in your body, helping boost your mood and productivity. The best part is that it’s free and won’t be added to your monthly dues.

Here are a few tips on how and why you should bring more natural light into your home.

Ways to Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

Choosing reflective room accents. You’ll know how dazzling a chandelier can be if you’ve ever entered a room lit by the sun. More light enters the room as sunshine reflects off of a chandelier. And for this to occur, the chandelier doesn’t even need to be lit. However, you can get this impression in your home without installing a chandelier. Consider all the reflective elements that you can add to the room. For example, you can include mirrors, sconces and shiny cabinet knobs to allow natural light to radiate in your living space.

Clean your windows. After washing your windows, you’ll be surprised by how much more light can come into your house. As most remodeling experts note, regular window cleaning helps keep your windows attractive, neat and functional. It also increases their life span.

Consider getting a sliding glass door. What if you replace your windows with a door? Not only will installing glass doors increase the light in your room. Everyone will be inspired to go outside, too. Remove your shoes and enjoy your backyard while putting your feet on the grass. Your family can make the most of your house with the help of a sliding glass door. More light will enter the home, and you might even start hosting weekend barbecues.

Making use of lighter and brighter interior colors. It’s easy to make a room appear brighter by painting walls white or another soft hue. Interior wall paint is the best technique to reflect natural light into your room. The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) can be as high as 100% for pure white or as low as 0% for black. Each color between the two will have a different LRV.

Paint your eaves. Your roofing system’s overhangs are called eaves or soffits. Either they are left exposed as open eaves or a horizontal soffit is placed over them. In any event, this area bounces natural light into your house. One little-known method to increase natural light in every area of your home is to paint the eaves white. You can still paint your eaves white even if the exterior of your house has a different color. This won’t affect your home’s curb appeal because the eaves are only noticeable up close.

Replace interior walls with panels. A broken-plan living room provides the ideal balance between the desire to flood every corner of every room with natural light and the necessity to split spaces for practical reasons. Internal panels with glazing are an excellent choice since they may be divided with framing to add visual interest.

Upgrade your property with a roof lantern. Home improvement companies say increasing natural light in the bathroom can be difficult since you have to balance privacy and illumination. The amount of natural light that can flow into the room is constrained by semi-opaque blinds, which often permit some light through while blocking visibility. A substantial roof lantern or even a skylight can resolve these issues. Wide expanses of windows let light flood the space, and the sky’s brilliant blue backdrop, floating clouds and swaying trees make for a lovely bathing environment. 

Utilize new and larger windows. Installing new, larger replacement windows is the finest approach to saturate your home with light. Your home’s exterior will look better with new windows installed, and the interior will feel airy and peaceful. Additionally, installing energy-efficient windows can reduce your home’s carbon footprint and lower your monthly energy costs. A new bay window, picture window or custom window can significantly improve your space.

Why Is Natural Light Beneficial?

It boosts productivity. As mentioned, your mood and productivity can be improved if you’re regularly exposed to natural light. According to studies, indoor air quality and natural light are the two factors that have the highest effects on a person’s well-being. Natural lighting can increase your productivity and enhance your attitude when working from home.

It helps you save more. There are more reasons for natural light to be used in your home than only to make it brighter. Natural light can reduce the demand for interior lighting, which can be energy-efficient and cost-effective. Daylighting is the process of bringing sunlight into your home through windows and other sources of natural lighting. This strategy for natural lighting creates a sun-washed space ideal for relaxing, enjoying a drink or reading a book while lowering your electricity costs.

It increases your curb appeal. Homes with lovely windows and lots of natural light frequently fetch higher prices. One of the best home upgrades to raise property value is installing new windows and window treatments, which can also be energy-efficient.

It promotes better sleep. Our ability to fall asleep depends on how much natural light we are exposed to in a day. According to research, the most significant factor influencing rest is light. Natural light directly impacts the circadian rhythm, the body’s internal clock. Natural light can improve sleep quality and lessen eye irritation.

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