The internet, publications and TV shows all provide a lot of information today, so it’s simple for myths to be added to the mix. The issue is that if you buy replacement windows for your home based on incorrect information, you may end up with poor-quality windows that need to be changed more frequently than you expected. Before shopping for replacement windows, it may be tough to tell facts from myth.

Window ReplacementIt’s time to dispel a few prevalent misconceptions about window replacement.

Myth #1: Replace Windows Only During a Significant Remodel

Many homeowners have outdated windows that detract from their homes. Compared to today’s windows, older windows have lower energy efficiency, resulting in higher heating and cooling expenditures. Consider this: windows can account for 20% to 30% of a home’s energy loss. Keeping old windows costs money. If your windows are older than 20 years, you should replace them.

But energy efficiency isn’t the only incentive to update windows. Sound reduction, ventilation, aesthetics, natural lighting and operability are all features to consider. Window replacement has several advantages, regardless of how much money it saves.

It is smarter to consider window replacement as part of a phased makeover. Replacement window specialists can design, deliver, install and maintain your windows independently of any other remodeling job. Waiting for a substantial remodeling to replace your windows saves no money. Replacing them initially will inspire and motivate you to do the rest of the remodel.

Myth #2: Replace My Windows When I’m Ready to Sell

Window replacement is often thought of as a good final home improvement project to prepare a home for sale. The issue with this approach is that they lose many of the practical benefits of newer windows while paying the same or greater prices. The gains go to the next buyer while the seller pays.

Modern window technology allows homeowners to enjoy quiet living from the outside while creating a warm, inviting and comfortable living space. Many of these windows contain sophisticated films that protect furniture from ultraviolet (UV) damage and prevent fading of interior walls and paint. Why wait until you’re ready to sell your house to replace your windows?

Myth #3: I Can Only Replace My Windows During the Summer

There is a misconception that window replacement compels someone to vacate their home and live with wide, gaping walls for weeks on end until all windows are installed completely. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Window replacement contractors have entire teams on hand to quickly and efficiently replace one or all of your windows, frequently in a single day.

This idea that summer is the only period for window replacement has resulted in window installers being extremely busy during the summer while also creating off-season hours. Homeowners that are astute prefer to work with home improvement vendors during their least busy times.

Any season, summer, fall, winter or spring, is an excellent time to replace windows. And if you choose an off-season date, you may be able to complete the project more quickly.

Myth #4: Larger Windows Lose More Energy

Oftentimes, replacing a window is an opportunity to consider a larger window. With significantly more natural light, homeowners are encouraged to take advantage of the chance. Nonetheless, there is a widespread misconception that larger windows waste more energy. This may be true for older windows. Uninsulated frames and out-of-date glass pane construction provide a larger surface area, which can facilitate increased energy transmission. 

Today’s high-efficiency replacement windows, on the other hand, integrate the newest advancements in window technology to limit energy transfer to a fraction of what older windows did. Indeed, with the proper film, frame and triple-pane upgrades, it is feasible to create a window that is nearly as efficient as the home walls.

Myth #5: It’s an Easy DIY Project

Many homeowners have replaced their windows themselves, saving money on labor. But replacing windows can be difficult. A window of nearly the same size often requires cutting or reframing. The window must be squared, leveled and sealed appropriately. Each of these steps has the potential to cause costly future repairs.

Choose a qualified window company to install your windows correctly the first time. It pays to invest in adequate airtight sealing and installation. You may also rest assured that if a problem emerges with the window installation company’s work, the contractors will come out and rectify it free of charge. Look for companies that provide transferable warranties. A future owner will inherit the same quality warranty that you have – this will add to your house’s worth.

Myth #6: Window Replacement Is Only for Cracked or Damaged Windows

While replacing damaged windows is a straightforward process, many homeowners are uncertain about the condition of their remaining windows. Ask your contractor about price breaks for whole-house window replacement or at the very least pricing levels based on the number of windows replaced.

Replace your windows now rather than waiting for them to crack. If your current windows were installed prior to 2000, they are unlikely to be energy-efficient and may already have undetected damage to the seals. Replacing many windows at the same time will maximize your time and investment.

Myth #7: Replacing My Windows Is Not Worth the Costs

Window replacement costs on average between $500 and $1,500 per window depending on the type and installer. It is beneficial to search around for window companies and inquire about price matching. There are numerous strategies to cut costs on your window replacement project. Do not be deceived by the idea that it is not cost-effective. Between lower electricity bills, increased comfort and light, and an increase in the resale value of your home, the minimal costs associated with window replacement provide numerous benefits.

Homeowners should expect to recoup 70% to 80% of the cost of replacing windows upon resale – and even more than 100% if energy bill savings is considered.

Myth #8:  The Higher the Price, the Better the Window

While it is possible that you may need to make a reasonable investment when acquiring replacement windows, a high price tag does not always indicate a high-quality product. In many circumstances, the cost of a window will be more merely because of its aesthetic appeal or the fact that it is now in style. It’s crucial to remember that there are still a variety of window materials available that are both reasonably priced and provide high-quality craftsmanship.

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