Whether you need to eliminate uncomfortable drafts in your home or simply update the look of your windows, every step of the installation process needs to be executed with keen attention to detail. Here are some of the most common mistakes you can avoid if you hire an experienced contractor.

Window Installers

  1. Incorrect opening size: If you are replacing a 2 feet by 3 feet double hung window, for example, the rough opening requirements will depend on the manufacturer and the style of the window. A window can be built to fit almost any opening size, but manufacturers usually produce standard sizes, which cost less than custom-made windows.

  2. No back slope: The sill on a rough opening should be sloped so it can expel water that has leaked into the house back to the outdoors. Skilled window installers accomplish this by adding a sloped pan after the rough opening has been framed in or by cutting the cripple studs at an angle.

  3. Poor flashing adherence: To fully adhere the flashing tapes and membranes, dust and debris must be brushed away and traces of moisture must be wiped off. 

  4. Failure to seal the nailing fins: To properly seal nailing fins to the frame, installers roll the flashing tape over the fin and onto the edge of the frame.

  5. No back dam: A back dam on the window sill prevents unwanted water from entering the wall cavity and the interior of the home. It can be created with a strip of wood under the sill flashing or after the window is installed with sealant.

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