Hardwood flooring is a highly coveted feature for residential homes. Different wood species can be used for your floors, and the best choice depends on various factors, such as your interior style or desired look.  

5 Durable and Stylish Hardwood Floor Materials 1

Here are five highly durable and stylish wood options that you can choose from for your home improvement project.

1. Oak

The most abundant wood in the country is also one of the most durable and dependable types of hardwood flooring. Oak is affordable and has a unique grainy look that pops out when stained in dark or light shades. Furthermore, the grainy texture of oak surfaces hides dents and scratches. The material itself is also resistant to damage from pets and children.

2. Maple

Maple has a natural color of beige or gray. Roofing and home remodeling specialists recommend maple because it’s easy to find an affordable, high-grade maple hardwood floor with exceptional durability. Maple also has a spiral or swirling pattern as well as a unique grain texture that can conceal blemishes as it ages and wears. Staining maple can be challenging since this type of wood doesn’t absorb well. However, it has remarkable dent and scratch resistance.

3. Hickory

Hickory is typically used for cabin homes because of its natural rustic color. However, it also serves as excellent hardwood flooring because of its scratch and dent resistance, durability amid high foot traffic and low maintenance requirement. Hickory only needs occasional refinishing to maintain its appeal. Much like maple, hickory can also be difficult to stain. It only works with natural clear finishes. Furthermore, with its density and hardness, it can be challenging to install.

4. American Walnut

American walnut is softer than Brazilian walnut and has a consistent grain pattern. Home remodelers typically use this wood species to achieve a classic, dark interior since it has a natural dark shade. American walnut, however, is more expensive than other types of hardwood.

5. Bamboo

Home remodeling companies recommend bamboo because it’s less expensive than oak hardwood and is generally more eco-friendly. Most bamboo available in the country comes from China and may have varying quality. Make sure to take a closer look at the material before making a decision.

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