Your siding is one of the major systems that safeguard your home from severe weather conditions. Knowing the various factors that can affect its performance and longevity — for better or worse — allows you to take precautionary measures and avoid costly damage down the road.

Lifespan of Your Siding

Here are four things you need to be mindful of when it comes to your siding:

  1. Maintenance: Like with any other systems in your home, proper and timely upkeep can extend the lifespan of your siding material, whether vinyl, fiber cement or wood. While many materials are known to be low maintenance, it is still essential to perform periodic cleaning to retain the beauty and functionality of your exterior. When you fail to patch up cracks in your vinyl siding, for example, it can lead to water-related damage, such as leaks, mold and rot.

  2. Material: Many siding systems do not last because they are made with inferior materials. While in many cases it is the fault of the product itself, there are also instances where homeowners have simply selected the wrong material for their home. To come up with the best recommendations for your home, a professional will take into account the local climate, number of residents, affordability and design options.

  3. Weather: One of the most common reasons for siding failure is inclement weather and extreme temperatures. Once your siding is fractured, moisture can easily penetrate it, introducing all kinds of damage. Steel and aluminum siding endure cold temperatures and are particularly good in coastal areas. For hot climates, fiber cement is ideal because it does not shrink or expand. Meanwhile, vinyl resists water absorption and will not flake or rot, making it excellent for wet, humid regions.

  4. Installation: Even the most premium products will fail if not installed properly by a professional. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this dilemma by hiring a fully licensed, insured and manufacturer-certified contractor to install your siding.

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