The front entry door may be a relatively small part of your home’s exterior, but it does a lot of things: it’s a homing beacon and a focal point, and it provides a sense of security. In today’s post, AllPoint Construction LLC shares the reasons why you should get a new front entry door for your home.

4 Reasons to Get a New Front Door 1

  1. It’s hard to operate. Let’s start with the most obvious reason why you should get a new door: it doesn’t open and close easily. While sometimes the problem is rooted in old or poorly-installed door hardware, you can tell if the problem is with the door itself — common signs include sashes that won’t stay in place, aren’t aligned with the frame, or are visibly warped.

  2. There are drafts around the door. Drafts are indicative of air leaks, which can be fixed by installing new weatherstripping, reapplying caulk, or adjusting the door hardware. However, if these fixes do not work, the door sash and or frame may be the problem, in which case you’ll need to get a new one. An entry door with an insulated core can help reduce heat loss around the door areas.

  3. You want to improve home security. Security is an important consideration when buying a new entry door. You need one that can protect your home from unauthorized entry. In addition to durable security hardware, the door needs to be made of durable materials. Steel doors with an insulated core and a fiberglass or wood cladding are a popular option because of their structural strength and a wide selection of colors and finishes. Modern security features like camera-enabled smart lock systems allow even more flexibility in terms of home security.

  4. Your home needs a visual update. Updating an outdated entryway not only adds visual appeal, but also provides opportunities for customization. Features like color accents and stained glass inserts best reflect your personality and lets you show off your sense of style. One of the best aspects of a front entry door is it doesn’t have to be coordinated with the house’s color palette — you can choose a striking color to make it pop out.

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